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Top 10 Oracle Decks for Aligning with Your Unique Spiritual Journey

So, you're interested in using Oracle decks to guide you on your spiritual journey, but don't know where to start. Here's what you need to know.

Choosing the perfect Oracle deck for your unique spiritual journey doesn't have to be complicated. But, if you want to find an Oracle deck that helps you access your inner wisdom and connect with your soul, then, you'll want to look for Oracle Decks that:

  • Resonate with your personality

  • Answer a variety of questions based on your inquiry

  • Can be used as a compass to let you know whether you’re on track

You're certainly not alone if you're still asking, “Which Oracle deck is right for me?” and “How do I pick the best Oracle deck?”

Here are my top 10 favorite Oracle decks for aligning with your spiritual journey and what you need to know to find the best one for your unique personality.

How to pick the best Oracle deck for your spiritual journey

For starters, you'll want to explore why you want an Oracle deck. I use Oracle decks for personal self-discovery, spiritual guidance, self-awareness, and validation. But Oracle decks can be used for so much more.

Here are other reasons my clients and I also use Oracle decks:

Other things to consider when choosing the best Oracle deck for your spiritual journey are:

  • Themes

  • Author/Creator

  • Artwork/Design

  • Guidebook length/writing

Most of all, listen to your soul to see what resonates with you most.

Now that you've explored why you want an Oracle deck, here are my favorites (in no particular order).

Top 10 Oracle decks for aligning with your soul's spiritual journey

If you have business or creativity questions, you'll love Chris-Anne's Sacred Creators Oracle Deck.

I especially love her kick-in-pants-reality-check writing style. This is the perfect oracle deck to use if you're in a creative slump or business rut.

With a wealth of encouraging, self-discovery messages and questions, it's also the perfect journaling, breathwork, and meditation companion.

Sacred Creators Oracle Deck for your spiritual journey

One of my all-time favorites is the Work Your Light Oracle Deck from Rebecca Campbell. 

The cards have gorgeous, unique artwork and the guidebook's messages are super encouraging. While a bit esoteric with information about Starseeds and Pledians, this is the ideal oracle deck to receive soul-healing messages.

With deep messages to ignite your intuition and validate what you know in your heart to be true, it's a perfect oracle deck to guide you on your spiritual journey.

Work Your Oracle Deck for your spiritual healing

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A client favorite to use before and after breathwork is the Angel Guide Oracle Deck from Kyle Gray. These cards have encouraging messages and Angel guidance.

It's also a great oracle deck for soothing grief and receiving messages from loved ones who have passed.

With hope-filled, reassuring, easy-to-read messages, it's an amazing oracle deck to deepen your spiritual journey.

Angel Guide Oracle Deck for grief

The Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck from Kyle Gray is full of sage guidance.

The detailed imagery in this oracle deck illuminates wise, encouraging, and to-the-point advice from your ancestors, guides, and spirit team.

Full of optimistic, buoyant guidance, it's an amazing oracle deck to keep in your spiritual toolbox to support you on your soulful healing journey.

Angels & Ancestors Oracle

5. Ethereal Orbs Deck by Studio Artemy

Looking for a cosmic, elegant deck? Then, you need the Limited Edition Ethereal Orbs Oracle Deck from Maria Praena

With a simple yet luxurious design, these oracle cards are nothing short of spectacular. The unique artwork and thick cardstock give this oracle deck a velvety, luxe feel.

While you have to download the guidebook, the comprehensive, poetic, astrological, and, mystical messages make it worthwhile. Soul-nurturing and insightful, this one-of-a-kind cosmic oracle deck is a must-have on your spiritual journey.

Ethereal Orbs Oracle Deck by Studio Artemy

This Moonlogy Oracle by Yasmin Boland is full of lunar guidance.

A great companion to use for divination and manifestation, especially in your full moon and new moon rituals. These oracle cards take you through all phases of the moon and astrological cycle.

With illuminating messages (some that even might dig up your shadow side), it's a great oracle deck to keep in your metaphysical toolbox.

Moonology Oracle Deck

The Spirit Animal Oracle deck Colette Baron-Reid is full of wisdom.

An essential Oracle deck for Spirit Animal connection. The artwork is detailed, eye-catching, and intriguing. The messages in the guidebook are divinely inspired, and comforting allowing you to keep your soul open to the potential and synchronicity in store for you.

With guidance to soothe your spirit, and ignite your intuition, it's a must-have oracle deck to have with you as you traverse the depths of your soul.

Spirit Animal Oracle Deck

If you love the wisdom of Rumi, then you'll love the Rumi Oracle Deck from Alana Fairchild.

The guidebook's messages are poetic and encouraging. The oversized cards have gorgeous, unique artwork. While the guidebook's messages are quite lengthy, spanning 2-3 pages, the rituals offered for each card act as a s portal to open your heart to the divinity within you.

With passionate messages of surrender to validate what you know in your heart to be true, this oracle deck is a wonderful companion to illuminate your heart's sacred wisdom.

Rumi Oracle Deck

The very first Oracle Deck I purchased was the Foxfire Kitsune y Lucy Cavendish.

The oversized cards have a mystical air about them. Filled with insight from the traditional Japanese folklore of the Kitsune, this is the perfect oracle deck to receive soul-healing messages.

With practical, yet deeply spiritual messages of metamorphosis, this is an amazing oracle deck to inspire your spiritual journey.

A client and personal favorite is the Enchanted Map Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid.

Fanciful, mystical, and highly detailed, these cards have stunningly unique artwork. The upright and reversed guidance offers you a varied perspective creating depth to the message within the guidebook.

With purposeful messages to create alignment with your soul's journey, it's a must-have while you follow the synchronistic illumination on your spiritual path.

Final thoughts:

While almost all of these Oracle decks are affiliate links, I promote things I personally use, like and believe in.

Most of these decks are used with clients at the Breathe Connect Thrive Studio and have been incredibly useful for clarity, healing, and insight into our spiritual journeys. I hope these Oracle deck suggestions will do the same for you.

Above all, listen to your intuition and only choose Oracle decks that resonate with your heart and soul.


To dive deeper into your spiritual journey with Oracle decks, check out these blogs and videos:

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Above all, I hope you can honor yourself. And as always, remember to breathe deeply, connect consciously, and thrive wholeheartedly!

Sending lots of love & light,

Francisca Hernandez



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