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Breathwork, Journal Prompts, and Tarot Spread 

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Breathe deeply, connect consciously, and thrive wholeheartedly while you expand your breathwork journey. Journal and record your own breathwork practices and rituals. Keep track of your insights and downloads with this full-color, purple & teal-themed paperback breathwork journal.

It includes a mini guide with breath regulating exercises, charts, quick and easy breathing techniques, a conscious connected breathwork guide, and ideas to help you along your breathwork journey, with space to journal and reflect on your breathwork practice.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert at breathwork, you'll get so much value out of this 200-page 6 x 9 in breathwork journal.

Breathwork Journal Purple Teal cover_edited.jpg

Grow your knowledge and deepen your relationship with tarot as you create and record your own rituals and tarot spreads. Journal and keep track of your readings with this full-color, purple & gold-themed paperback tarot spread journal.

It includes tarot spread ideas, a 12-month spread, and 100 numbered journal pages with space to journal and reflect on your one-card readings, three-card spreads, and multi-card spreads.

This 6 x 9 in tarot spread journal comes with a table of contents, a mini-guide, and plenty of space to journal or draw.

Tarot Spread Journal Purple & Gold Theme front cover_edited_edited.jpg

Coaching, Therapy, and Mindfulness Resources
Because sometimes you need a little help.

Career & Life Coaching

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I can't say enough good things about Clarity on Fire. Just as the name suggests, I gained so much clarity in my life and career. Rachel was able to shine the light on my path and ignite that fire that I'd forgotten was always inside. She helped me find a way to live my life to the fullest in an authentic way.


Kristen and Rachel are a great duo. I love their podcasts and blogs too. They have a great passion profile quiz. It's a great resource if you're feeling stuck in your life and career.

I highly recommend their coaching services!


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Sarah Rossmiller is a great therapist. True to the name of her practice, she'll help you rebel against whatever's got you stuck. She's intuitive, insightful, and direct. Sarah understands the relationship between the psychological and spiritual connection. I trust her in a way that I never thought was possible! She gets the mind, body connection and even offers group therapy yoga. Check out her website if you're looking for a therapist. 

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This 8-week free online MBSR course was life changing! I believe this is what allowed me to quit numbing (smoking pot, drinking, and overeating). I had already been meditating for a few years. This mindfulness course took my practice to the next level. It helped me to stop striving in meditation. The training was easy to navigate and manage. Scientific studies back the information; there are great videos, reading materials, and tons of resources. They have an online community too. It's a great course to take if you want to delve deeper into your meditation practice.  


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