Restorative Yoga Class in Houston

Restorative yoga gives you a chance to slow down and just be.


Experience the deep comfort of mindful restorative yoga with 6-10 supported poses held for about 3-10 minutes each with the use of props like bolsters, blankets, straps, and eye pillows.


What you can expect:

• Comfort & Restoration

• Calming breath guidance

• 10-15 minutes of guided meditation, visualization, or Savasana


Restorative yoga is for you if you want to:

• De-stress, slow down, and push the reset button.

• Take a meditative break and come home to yourself.

• Build nervous system resilience while you appreciate a relaxing and supported practice.



• Space is limited to 4 people per session.

• Mats, bolsters, blankets, straps, and eye pillows will be provided.

Restorative Yoga Benefits

  • Clarity

  • Flexibility

  • Pain relief

  • Stress reduction

  • Nervous system reset

  • Muscle tension release

Ready to melt into the deep, supported comfort of mindful restorative yoga?


Check out your options below to book your in-person 90-minute restorative group yoga class in Houston.

One 90-minute group session 


Buy three sessions get one FREE


Get access to FIFTEEN group restorative yoga sessions for the cost of ten sessions.