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Success Stories

Can Breathwork and Tarot really help you clear your mind, release bottled-up emotions, decrease anxiety, feel well-rested, and increase your emotional capacity?
Yup! But don't take my word for it.
Here's what clients have to say about working with me. 

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Allison Kirsch

About Online Breathwork & Tarot Package

"Francisca is amazing!


I have worked with her virtually and done both breathwork and tarot readings with her. She is warm, supportive, and intuitive. She brings such positive and amazing energy to each of our interactions.


I always feel like I'm receiving a big hug from her even though we have never met in person."

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Rachel East

Co-Founder // Life & Career Coach
Clarity on Fire
About Online Breathwork & Tarot Package

"Breathwork and tarot combined is a game changer!!

I love that I first got the chance to see what themes and patterns might be coming up for me through the tarot reading before we jump into breathwork. Having that opportunity validated what I'm going through and also brought up things for me to process and let go of during breathwork.

And speaking of the breathwork! As someone who's done it a few times and struggled, I was amazed at how much easier it felt to accomplish with Francisca's help.

The addition of music is genius! Not only is it motivating and makes the time go by quicker, but it also helps release emotions on a deeper level.  

​And then wrapping it all up with a quick tarot card pull at the end was like tying a bow on the experience! This is such a fun, unique, and deeply helpful process."

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 Lee Chaix McDonough

Founder//Coach with Clarity
​About Online Tarot Reading

"Oh, every single bit of the reading connected with me. I especially appreciated Francisca's intuitive approach to reading the cards and the seven-card spread she used. ​

It was a highly affirming and validating reading, and I left feeling less anxious and more confident. Francisca is pure magic—a conduit of the divine.

My Tarot reading with her was an affirming, healing experience, and I appreciate how she weaves traditional Tarot interpretations with her own wisdom and intuitive understanding.


She is a gem!"

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Kristen Walker

Co-Founder // Life & Career Coach
Clarity on Fire
​About Phone Tarot Reading

​"Francisca is amazingly intuitive. She went right to the heart of how I was feeling, shining a light on what was draining my energy and helping me move through it with ease.

So much of what she shared resonated with me on a deep level. Not only that, but many of the things she intuitively predicted would happen for me proved true in a matter of weeks!"

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 Oana Dragan

   Toronto, Ontario Canada
About taking the Online Breathwork Course

"I reached another level of peace and tranquility, and the concept of breathwork changed for me. 

Anyone looking to deepen their practice, or new to breathwork, or they've done a couple of classes, and they just want to connect more to some key concepts or techniques, this is for you!"

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Shannon Egan 

 Business Mindset Coach
Ishiki Insights
​About PhoneTarot Reading

"Francisca was wonderful to work with and her cards are beautiful!!

She has a unique way of reading which felt like a story unfolding as she explained the cards. Her ability to instinctually know how to link all 7 cards together was really special.

I also loved the way she connected the card's message to an analogy which helped me really see the message in a deeper way.

The coolest part? She literally knew nothing about me before we started and there were several accurate messages and themes that presented during the reading.

​She's very talented in her reading abilities!”

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Dr. Hanieh Hosseni

West University Wellness
​About In-Person Chakra Balancing Workshop

 "Francisca was confident and had a great flow with the practice. Very knowledgeable and patient with new students.


Best of all, she uses essential oils and crystals for cleansing the energy at the end. Loved my session with her and felt the relaxation throughout the day. Lots of gratitude.


I would recommend it to anyone who needs to relax and tone and cleanse her energy."

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Tania Flores

About In-Person Reiki

"Before going in to my session with Francisca, I was very tense and anxious; however once I entered the room, I felt relaxed and at ease.

Francisca guided me through my session and in the end gave me a summary.

After my session, I felt a sense of relief and clarity." 

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Nina Schuster

Licensed Massage Therapist
About In-Person Reiki

"I had my first Reiki appointment with Francisca. I had only ever had the treatment once 13 years ago. I vaguely remember it but I remember the healing and relaxation aspect, and that’s what I know I needed.

What I got was an awesome experience I hadn’t had in a while: an hour in which my she waved his hands over me and across my body, to which my body responded with warm tingling in my arms and hands, mysterious pressure on my chest, and uncontrollable slight tremors in my knees. These sensations indicated an energy blockage being released; they were merely signs that the session was working.


I felt lighter when I left.

***All in all Francisca was able to use her soft tone of voice to help guide me through the process, and I highly recommend seeing her!"

Lilian Motta
Toronto, Ontario Canada
​About taking the Online Breathwork Course

"Before I met Francisca I thought that breathwork was such a far reach for me, it felt like a subject that was overwhelming and I did not know where to start. It felt like there were so many techniques and I needed to know everything to start.

Completing the Conscious Breath Course I learned to take it one step at a time, the modules were comprehensive, easy to digest, and left me feeling equipped with new tools each day.

I loved the energy that Francisca radiates through her teachings, making me feel held and equipped to deal with my everyday stressors.


I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to up their self-care game!"

"When I first met Francisca, she had mentioned I had should try Breathwork, and I immediately thought, why would I need Breathwork? I thought maybe that is more for people who get anxious, and I don't consider myself anxious, but I tried to keep an open mind and decided to give it a try.


To my surprise, it changed my perspective completely, and it has been a life-changer for me. I have always had a hard time meditating and quieting my mind. Thanks to Francisca's online courses and in-person sessions, Breathwork not only has been a great tool to help me meditate and get out of my mind, but it has had a deeper effect in my soul. It has given me the window to connect with my soul at a higher level and tune into a different frequency.


Who would have thought that your breath could be this powerful!? I am very grateful to Francisca for introducing me to this. I highly recommend Francisca as she is a very genuine, intuitive, compassionate person with a big heart. You can see that she has a real desire to help people connect with their true selves and improve their quality of life. Thank you, Francisca, for shining a light in my path!"

Carmen Martinez 
Houston, Texas
About In-Person and Online Breathwork

Estela Hernandez 
Houston, Texas​
About taking the Online Breathwork Course

" Worth every penny!

I’ve tried doing breathwork on my own however I never get the same results. Francisca’s breathwork course was awesome!

It was like she was with me guiding me throughout the course. It was very convenient and iPhone-friendly. Now I can use it anywhere! 

" From the moment I was checking in to the moment I walked out, Francisca was so attentive and could sense everything I was carrying and needed to release.

She really made it a safe and inviting space and time for me to be and let go. I cried and cried.

Before I felt unbalanced, anxious, insecure. Now I feel more positive and connected to things greater than that what I see with my eyes. "

Desiree Edge 
Houston, Texas
​About In-Person Breathwork, Oracle Reading & Reiki 


 Magdalena Hernandez 
Houston, Texas
​About In-Person Breathwork, Oracle Reading & Reiki 

"The breathwork session was really great, really helped me reconnect with some emotions that I was not aware of, and let go of them.

Before the session, I was feeling tense and anxious. After the session, I felt so much lighter, happier, and more connected with myself."

"This is my second breathwork with Francisca, but first solo session.

While the group session was beneficial, I can’t express how much I was able to let go and achieve with a private session. She knew exactly what to say in order for me to fully let go and surrender-which is not easy for me.

It was energizing and meditative at the same time- I felt free and grounded all at once after the session. It gave me clarity, inspiration, and direction for the next steps. I recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Before the session, I felt like I could benefit from some help in letting go and managing my everyday stresses. I struggle with overthinking and sometimes that holds me back from personal goals. After, I felt both light and grounded at the same time. It was truly amazing!

I felt connected to myself and my goals after my session with Francisca."

Dr. Menka Patel 
Houston, Texas
​​About In-Person Breathwork, Oracle Reading & Reiki 

Estela Hernandez
Houston, Texas
​About In-Person Breathwork

" I loved Francisca’s breathwork session!

I had been feeling extremely stressed out. So much so, I was starting to feel as if my diaphragm was being constricted. Every breath was short and I was constantly feeling as I was hyperventilating. I had a breathwork session with Francisca and I felt immediate relief.

The way she arranged the music I selected really felt cathartic and help me release a lot of stress and emotion that I was feeling through the whole breathwork session. It was an emotional roller coaster ride!

I’ve never felt so peaceful and clear-headed. I felt like myself again.

I highly recommend Francisca’s breathwork."

" Francisca is amazing. Her reading was spot-on and her energy is infectious. 

I felt excited and curious before and excited and confident after."

Diana La Femina 
About Online Tarot Reading

Elizabeth Aleman
 Houston, Texas
​About Online Tarot Reading

"The reading was tranquil and reassuring.

I enjoyed the time with Francisca. She put me at ease and was very accurate with my feeling.

Her intuition was spot on."

"Francisca held space in such an amazing way.


I felt supported and safe throughout the entire process, and it was lovely to release what needed to be released easily and effortlessly. So beautiful. 


Before, I was tired and holding a lot of stress in my shoulders and neck. After,  I felt so much lighter and fatigued.


Francisca is down to earth and feels like a best friend."

Kelly Owsin, R.S.W.
 Avalon Empowerment
​About Online Group Breathwork

Catie Bishop
About Online Group Breathwork

" This was my first breathwork session but it was awesome.

Tingles all over and a true connection to my higher self.

I loved the session and I am absolutely going to do more."

" I hadn't expected to feel weight on different areas of my body.​

Francisca's explanation of the associated chakras and potential blocks I could have really resonated with me. I would love to do it again!

I highly recommend this service to others and I would absolutely love to book another session. I think I have more bottled-up feelings to release!"

Jacqueline Corry 
About Online Group Breathwork

Alyx Kostiuk 
About Online Tarot Reading

"Francisca really honed in my current state of mind - where I am conflicted about my next career move and have been doing a lot of internal thinking.

I really want to get to something I enjoy and provides stability and she truly captured all of that."

"The expanded reading I received on love specifically gave me more clarity, guidance, and affirmation on my approach in making a difficult choice, getting off the fence, and trusting my intuition when it came to deciding on whether to separate from my husband.

The advice to take a step back and take another look helped give me permission to gracefully feel into and fully own and trust my choice rather than to act prematurely.

Once I gave myself that additional time and space, I was ultimately was able to make the decision from a place of acceptance, non-attachment, and empowerment.

Thank you!”

Monica Rosario 
About Phone Tarot Reading

Katie Mongelli
Monarch Financial Coaching
​About Phone Tarot Reading 

"Francisca's reading for me was so on point!

Every card in the spread and her interpretation of it was 100% resonating with me.

It felt amazing and gave me a lot of insight into the journey I have been on and where I am headed in the coming months! "

"I wasn't sure what to expect with my tarot reading as I've never had one before.

Francisca made me feel very comfortable right away and I loved how she effortlessly talked me through the process and what to expect.

As we got into the reading, Francisca went in depth and fully explained the meanings of the cards and ways I could consider how these questions may be showing up in my life.

Francisca's calm and friendly energy felt really comforting and I felt she genuinely cared about what was going on with me.”

Samantha Madeo 
​Brand & Web Designer
Samantha Madeo Design
​About Phone Tarot Reading


Amanda Michaelis
Shift Your Perspective
​About Phone Tarot Reading

"While definitely not averse to the 'woo-woo' in life, this was my first Tarot reading.

I was a little bit curious about how it would work over the phone, but because Francisca send me a photo of my cards at the start of the session, it was very easy to follow along.

Francisca's reading was spot on with what I am experiencing in my life and growth right now, and it was comforting to have the outside acknowledgment and encouragement to keep going in the direction of my dreams!"

"The unique Tarot spread that Francisca used covered all of the right bases, lending insight into every area that I was hoping to seek guidance and wisdom around. I was amazed at how many life event cards came up, emphasizing the important transition that I find myself in.


I especially appreciated Francisca's willingness to dig deeper into a few areas–love and body–that I was especially interested in hearing more about. She was genuine, kind, fully present, and wise in her interpretations of the cards both individually and how they worked together as a whole.


I felt understood and supported through the reading and I left feeling hopeful and determined about what lies ahead for me.”

Marissa Burdett
Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
Ampersand Coaching
​About Phone Tarot Reading

Karisa Deculus
​About Phone Tarot Reading

"The tarot reading resonated with my situation by being so in depth about a major project that I've been working on for several years that hasn't moved as quickly as I wanted it to. It reassured me that I'm on the right path and I just need to keep working at it, and everything would be just fine.

The length of time for the session was great. It gave me time to ask questions and reflect on how the cards could relate to my life.

I would absolutely recommend Francisca's service to others or book another reading. She was very knowledgeable about the cards and helped me relate them to things going on in my life.

Thank you Francisca for your empathy and in-depth understanding of the cards!"

"Francisca is so powerful in her intuition and sharing what came through for her.

I received a lot of messages that I needed to hear from business to marriage to health.

It was truly amazing how much it touched on. I don't typically do Tarot but when a friend recommended Francisca, I figured why not.

I felt so safe and held in her care and in her intuition. It was really cool.

I loved how I felt in my body during the experience. Relaxed and connected to something bigger.”

Joanna Platt
Life & Relationship Coaching
​About Phone Tarot Reading


Marina Daldalian
About Phone Tarot Reading


" There were several themes that resonated and some cards had multiple meanings that applied to my life so I appreciated that you presented multiple options.

The message of connecting to, listening to, and trusting my intuition was very timely and true for me.

There was also a theme of inner/bodily conflict that was insanely accurate for what I've been going through during my post-op recovery time. AND, you picked up on some very interesting dynamics currently happening in my career (some fast-moving energy/ideas for change), and my love life (some deep sensitivity around issues with my former partner).

This reading resonated with health, career, love life, and my spiritual connection to the divine -- so, pretty much every area of my life was covered!

I really appreciated your format and how much you were able to communicate in a very concise way.

I'm so grateful that we've connected! I'm also grateful on behalf of humans everywhere that you're offering these readings :)

I've had quite a few tarot readings in my life and this was the clearest, most resonant, and most immediately impactful of them all (and in less time with less info about me than any of the others!).

I'd recommend a tarot reading for anyone seeking clarity, guidance, support, or perspective on their current life situation.

I was particularly awed by your method of reading each card individually and then interpreting them as a whole and the way in which your intuitive hits guided the reading and deepened as the time passed.

It was wild that without me telling you anything about myself, you were able to pick up on deep issues that are relevant to my life right now and offer clear, concise guidance to support me in the path forward.

I felt lighter and more at ease after the reading, with a better understanding of how several things I'm facing are related to one other and how I can connect with my intuition to guide my next steps.

I'll definitely be back for another reading :)"

 "The students were very excited and loved the workshops. The students were SLL students that are quite often left out of activities when persons come in to volunteer at schools.

They learned how to make jewelry and wear the jewelry almost daily. We will continue to use the yoga and meditation activities to calm the students and help them release stress.

I would recommend the workshop to others and, also, book another workshop. The workshop was a learning experience and the students accomplished a new sense of pride."  

Sharon Lemond
Special Ed SC Lifeskills Teacher
Yolanda Black Navarro Middle School
​About In-Person Mindfulness and Creativity Workshop

​​Yulexis Amador
Special Ed SC Lifeskills Teacher
Yolanda Black Navarro Middle School
​About In-Person Mindfulness and Creativity Workshop

"The students learned how meditation can help them to calm down and concentrate. They also learned to make jewelry which helped to develop their creativity.

I enjoyed every part of the workshop, meditation was my favorite part. I learned a lot about the benefits it provides to your body and mind.

I definitely recommend this workshop."

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