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Welcome to Breathe Connect Thrive

A healing studio in Houston's Historic East End, founded in 2022 by Francisca Hernandez, a conscious connected breathwork teacher, restorative yoga instructor, and tarot reader.

More about Francisca Hernandez, founder of Breathe Connect Thrive

"Francisca Hernandez was on the brink of death in 2017. After years of numbing with alcohol, drugs, overworking, and over-functioning, she knew something had to change, so she chose to stop existing and started living.


Now the proud owner of Breathe Connect Thrive, a healing studio in Houston's Historic East End, she helps clients dealing with grief, trauma, and overwhelm, release bottled-up emotions, get clear-headed, and access their intuition.


She especially loves using a potent combination of energy healing modalities like Conscious Connected Breathwork, Restorative Yoga, and Tarot to help clients shift old patterns, breathe deeply, connect consciously, and thrive wholeheartedly!


Learn more at"

Noteworthy Media Appearances

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  • Breathwork Brain Breaks: 5 Easy breathing exercises to help you calm, focus, and energize

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace: Make your workplace your secret zen sanctuary

  • Restore your Balance: Real-world tips to creating work-life balance


  • Restorative Yoga: No sweating required in this mindful soothing, peaceful restorative yoga class

  • Emotional Releasing Breathwork: Breathe out tension, regulate emotions, and ​clear stuck energy

  • Mindful Meditation: Come back home to yourself and give your mind a rest

  • 10-minute Breathwork to De-stress: Quick &easy breathwork exercises to de-stress in 10-minutes

Talks and events can be custom-tailored for your unique audience.

Featured Events

  • Girl Scouts Corporate

  • Navarro Middle School

  • Flexin Manufacturing

  • Into Action Recovery Center

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