Online Breathwork Course

Peace of mind is important to you
You've tried meditation
You've tried yoga

But sometimes you struggle with overthinking, and that can hold you back from personal goals.


I breathe everyday without thinking about it.
Why do I need this course?

Honestly, you don't NEED this course.
But Conscious Connected Breathing is a powerful practice that's helped people experience more joy, focus, relief, and clarity. It's also helped people feel lighter, reduce tension, and release trauma. 

This course is an actionable, self-paced breathwork course that you can do in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

This course might also help you:​​
With a range of things like healing everything from trauma all the way down to procrastination on your to-do list.
Learn to tap into your breath and trust it to connect to yourself and your intuition.
Release stored up tension and possibly feel so much lighter, whether you want to unearth and let go of trauma, get a better night's rest, or release that stuff you didn’t even know you were holding onto.
Build resiliency to get through the ever-changing ebb and flow of life.
Remember YOUR truth and who you really are despite the challenges you might face.
Rediscover your sacred connection to yourself and your divinity.


* Optimize your breath to get you through the tough times,
procrastination, and stay present in the joyous moments too!
*Try Conscious Connected Breathwork, but don't know where to start.
* Start a breathwork practice in the privacy of your home.
*Create a unique and flexible breathwork
practice that fits your schedule.
​*Feel lighter; whether you want to unearth and
heal trauma or release that emotional baggage you
didn’t even know you were holding onto.
* Use your breath to help you thrive, release tension,
increase focus, and clear your energy.
* ​Learn to recognize your breathing patterns in the
moment and deal with life when it comes at you.
* Learn how to guide yourself through a deep breathing practice.
* Use your breath to tap into your intuition.

Conscious Connected Breathing is an intense breathing technique and isn't right for everyone:​​

Breathwork ISN'T for you if you:
Don't want to do the "work" of Conscious Connected Breathwork. (One of the reasons Conscious Connected Breathwork is so rewarding and builds resiliency is because you push through emotional, mental, and physical blocks in breathwork.)
Have contraindications to Conscious Connected Breathwork. (History of cardiovascular disease, severe or unsupported mental illness, seizure disorders, aneurysms, and high-risk pregnancy are contraindications to this type of breathwork.)

Breathwork IS for you if you:
Want a profound healing experience.
Are looking for resiliency, insight, and clarity.
Are willing to show up for yourself in breathwork and push through mental, physical, and emotional blocks.
Are ready to let go of energy and stored trauma that no longer serves you on a physical, mental, and emotional level.​​​


Full lifetime access to:
* 7 instructional videos. Watch and listen as I guide you step by step
through variations of the Conscious Connected Breathing technique.
I'll also give you some actionable and practical breathing tools you
can use in daily stressful situations. I’ll share what you need to know
about using your breath to help you feel lighter, connect back to
your truth so you can get clarity, and build resiliency in your life.
* 5 downloadable easy to follow mini-breathwork audios
* 2 downloadable full breathwork audios
* Bonus reference PDFs with self-care exercises: designed to help you
tap into your self-healing abilities.
* Support: Get email support within the first two weeks
of purchasing the course. I’ll be available by email for any questions
you might have regarding techniques and implementation.
* Lifetime access: You get forever access to the course and any updates
to the content for the lifetime of the course!
* Personalized live breathwork discount options: add on live
one-on-one 90-minute breathwork session for $75 (usually $150). Or bundle the course
with breathwork sessions to get a discount of up to $200.
* Future discounts: You’ll get discounts on one-on-one and
group breathwork sessions, as well as special rates on future courses!
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Lifetime access to the course, plus the option to add on a personalized breathwork session for $75 (normally $150)


Lifetime access to the course, plus the option to add on one 90-minute personalized breathwork session for (total value $297)


Lifetime access to the course, plus the option to add on three 90-minute personalized breathwork session (total value $597)


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the course after purchasing it? Follow the email instructions for access to your breathwork course directly after purchasing.

How long will it take to finish this course?  I designed this as an actionable week-long course for you! It's a seven-day course with each of the daily videos under twenty minutes leading up to the full session, which is 45-minutes. However, you can certainly treat this as a day-long immersion experience. Everyone has their own comfort level with taking in knowledge, so listen to your heart and take seven hours, seven days, or even seven weeks to complete the course. 

Will I get access to the breathwork instructor? Of course! I know how important it is to have support and guidance, so I’ll be available within the first two weeks of purchasing the course by email at for any questions you might have regarding techniques and implementation. Plus, if you choose to add a personalized live breathwork session, I’ll walk you through the whole breathwork process with a personalized breathwork playlist curated just for you! ​​

What is Conscious Connected Breathwork? Conscious Connected Breathing is a powerful, active three-part breathing practice that consists of a large inhale into the diaphragm, another inhale into the chest, and a soft exhale. You do this circular breathing technique with an open mouth while laying down. This amazing practice has helped people experience more joy, less stress, reduced tension, increased focus, relief, clarity, and connection to their intuition.

Can I purchase this for a group of people? Yup! To discuss group rates, send an email to

What if I want a refund? Please be sure you're 100% certain that you want to purchase this course because refunds will not be processed. 

​Can I get a discount? There are many free breathwork resources available both online and in person. Breathwork is something everyone should have access to. If you need financial assistance, please contact me directly so we can find a good fit for you.

Can I buy a breathwork session individually? Yes, individual 90-minute breathwork sessions are available for $150 each. Click here to book. Buying a one-off session means you won't have access to the course. However, if you buy the course, you can add on a session for $75 instead of the normal rate of $150. Or you can bundle the course with and save up to $200.