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Francisca Hernandez doing Breathwork in Houston

Transformative Healing Breathwork in Houston

The Breathe Connect Thrive Studio: An intimate, safe space to clear stuck energy, heal trauma, and relieve overwhelm with the help of Breathwork, Emotional Energy Healing, Tarot & Restorative Yoga in Houston (and online).

In the real world, life happens.
And sometimes life pushes you to the brink...​

In this quick-fix, instant-gratification world, we've been led to believe that something is wrong with us if we aren't bouncing back quickly and flashing the perfect smile everyone else seems to have on Instagram. When you put your heart and soul into your dreams, and they fail, when:

  • careers end

  • loved ones pass away

  • you give pieces of yourself away

  • the ones you love don't love you back

  • you get a life-changing health diagnosis


When life pushes you to the brink... 

  • It's easy to forget who you truly are at a soul level.

  • It's easy to forget yourself in the day-to-day demands. 

  • It's easy to forget your power and how strong you really can be.

Breathwork can help you remember and reclaim your power.

  • It's time to heal deep within.

  • It's time to give back to yourself.

  • It's time to release bottled-up emotions that might be secretly draining your energy. 

  • It's time to consciously connect your breath and access the powerful divinity that resides deep within you.

"Sometimes we don't realize how much healing we need until we start looking for some."

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"I had never done breath work before and found it very effective at helping me physically feel and become more aware of where energy was stagnant or tied up for me. I cannot say enough how accurate Francisca is with her ability to hone in on your body, identify where you have challenges, and to help you understand (1) the underlying cause and (2) how to release or heal the root cause.”


Imagine what you could experience or create if you felt focused, renewed, courageous, and emotionally resilient. You know
you need your breath to survive, but what if you could
use your breath to thrive? 

Breathing is a part of life, but the weight of constant overwhelm doesn't have to be. Breathwork, Emotional Energy Healing, Restorative yoga, or Tarot might be the answer you're looking for.

  • Conscious Connected Breathwork helps you release bottled-up emotions so you can process them and stop letting them take up energetic bandwidth in your life.

  • Restorative yoga helps you push the reset button, tap into your breath, and feel the relief of ease as your muscles soften and release into fully supported poses.

  • Tarot readings are a bit of extra help from the Universe, helping you validate your intuition and a nudge to help you guide you back on your path.

  • Emotional Energy Healing Sessions combine Breathwork, Reiki, and Tarot to help you clear stuck energy, balance your Chakras, and release emotional baggage that's weighing you down.

You deserve to feel powerful again.  

You deserve to feel like yourself again.

You deserve to feel the relief of releasing bottled-up emotions one breath at a time.

Release stress and pent-up emotions so they don't spill over to other areas of your life with Healing Breathwork Services... 

Conscious Connected Breathwork to breathe out deep emotions

Clear stuck energy, get guidance, heal old wounds, and connect to your intuition with one-on-one or intimate group breathwork classes in Houston and private online breathwork sessions.

Photo of Francisca Hernandez laying down doing breathwork in Houston with teal yoga pant, white yoga shirt, and purple yoga props
Photo of Francisca Hernandez creating a personalized aromatherapy blend with essential oils for an Emotional Healing Session in Houston

Emotional Energy Healing Session to help you release emotional baggage

You'll leave feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders when you experience the potent combination of healing Breathwork, energy-clearing Reiki, and validating magic of Tarot in this personalized 2-hour Intuitive Energy Healing session.

Soul-Shifting Half-day VIP Intensive to help you reignite your Soul's desire!

In. Just. Five. Hours!

Align with your deepest desires in this immersive, personalized experience that combines Tarot, Reiki, Breathwork, and Coaching. Gain the clarity, confidence, and insight you need to create the life you deserve.

Photo of a blue journal for free breathwork tips by Francisca Hernandez.jpg

Can Breathwork and Tarot really help you clear your mind, release bottled-up emotions, decrease anxiety, feel well-rested, and increase your emotional capacity?

Yup! But don't take my word for it.

Here's what clients have to say about working with me. 

Erika Eros

"I was full of anxiety and suffering from a broken heart. 

I wanted to release old trauma and become present with myself.


I wanted to feel like myself again.

It has changed my life, and I will practice this throughout the duration of my life."

Erika Eros Breathe Connect Thrive Review.jpeg

Allison Kirsch

"Francisca is amazing!


I have worked with her virtually and done both breathwork and tarot readings with her. 


She is warm, supportive, and intuitive.


She brings such positive and amazing energy to each of our interactions.


I always feel like I'm receiving a big hug from her even though we have never met in person."

Allison_Kirsch_headshot_review of Breathwork & Tarot1.jpg

Lee Chaix McDonough

"It was a highly affirming and validating reading, and I left feeling less anxious and more confident. 

Francisca is pure magic—a conduit of the divine. 

My Tarot reading with her was an affirming, healing experience, and I appreciate how she weaves traditional Tarot interpretations with her own wisdom and intuitive understanding. "

Lee Chaix McDonough headshot - on stairs review of tarot reading.jpg

Rachel East

"Breathwork and tarot combined is a game changer!!

I love that I first got the chance to see what themes and patterns might be coming up for me through the tarot reading before we jump into breathwork.


Having that opportunity validated what I'm going through and also brought up things for me to process and let go of during breathwork."

Rachel East Headshot Review of Breathwork & Tarot.jpg
Francisca Hernandez Breathwork teacher in Houston, Texas

Hey! I'm Francisca Hernandez

I'm a Conscious Connected Breathwork teacher, restorative yoga instructor, and tarot reader.


I'm also a high-functioning empath and recovering co-dependent who was struggling to breathe and literally bleeding to death in 2017. Yet, I was still overworking, overwhelmed, emotionally drained, numbing my feelings, and over-functioning. 

Luckily, Reiki, tarot, yoga, and breathwork found me and guided me back to my intuition, helping me uncover my Soul and back to a place of self-acceptance and awareness.


Now I'm here to share what I've learned to help you use Conscious Connected Breathwork and Tarot to release bottled-up emotions, get clear-headed, and access your intuition so you can breathe deeply, connect consciously, and thrive wholeheartedly!

Three ways to start your healing journey at Breathe Connect Thrive

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