Healing Breathwork Houston Breathe Connect Thrive Breathwork & Tarot

Because breathing is a part of life, but overwhelm doesn't have to be.

Melt into the deep healing comfort your soul craves with Breathe Connect Thrive.

Houston Breathwork, Reiki, Restorative Yoga, and Tarot to help you:

Connect to Your Intuition by Consciously Connecting Your Breath
  • Heal trauma

  • Gain clarity 

  • Manage daily stress

  • Shift old patterns

  • Release emotions on a deep level 

Are bottled-up emotions secretly draining your energy?
Imagine what you could experience or create in your life if you felt clear-headed, well-rested, and emotionally resilient.
You know you need your breath to survive, but what if you could use your breath to thrive?

Breathing new energy into your life begins with the breath quiz.

Healing Breathwork Class in Houston

Release deep emotions and connect to your intuition by consciously connecting your breath with group or private breathwork classes.

Conscious Connected Breathwork

Restorative Yoga Class in Houston

Restorative Yoga Class

Melt into deep supported comfort as you reset your mind, body, and soul.

Relaxing Reiki Houston


Reiki to help you heal, clear stuck energy, and balance your Chakras.

Francisca Hernandez Tarot Reading in Houston


Gain insight, clarity, and guidance to move forward with confidence through a Tarot reading. 

Allison Kirsch

Allison Kirsch

"Francisca is amazing! 

I have worked with her virtually and done both breathwork and tarot readings with her. She is warm, supportive, and intuitive. 

She brings such positive and amazing energy to each of our interactions. 

I always feel like I'm receiving a big hug from her even though we have never met in person.

Rachel East

Rachel East

Breathwork and tarot combined is a game changer!!

I love that I first got the chance to see what themes and patterns might be coming up for me through the tarot reading before we jump into breathwork. Having that opportunity validated what I'm going through and also brought up things for me to process and let go of during breathwork.

And speaking of the breathwork! As someone who's done it a few times and struggled, I was amazed at how much easier it felt to accomplish with Francisca's help.

The addition of music is genius! Not only is it motivating and makes the time go by quicker, but it also helps release emotions on a deeper level.  

​And then wrapping it all up with a quick tarot card pull at the end was like tying a bow on the experience! This is such a fun, unique, and deeply helpful process.

Lee Chaix McDonough

Lee Chaix McDonough

"Oh, every single bit of the reading connected with me. I especially appreciated Francisca's intuitive approach to reading the cards, and the seven-card spread she used. 

It was a highly affirming and validating reading, and I left feeling less anxious and more confident. 

Francisca is pure magic—a conduit of the divine.


My Tarot reading with her was an affirming, healing experience, and I appreciate how she weaves traditional Tarot interpretations with her own wisdom and intuitive understanding. 

She is a gem!

Francisca Hernandez of Breathe Connect Thrive Online Breathwork

Virtual Services

Not in Houston? I've got you covered! Click here for online breathwork and Tarot options

Learn Breathwork at Home Online Breathwork Course

Online Breathwork Course

Let go of tension calm overthinking, and feel lighter as you learn to use your breath to thrive with this online breathwork course. 

Francisca Hernandez Breathe Connect Thrive Houston Breathwork


I'm Francisca Hernandez, a Conscious Connected Breathwork teacher, meditation guide, restorative yoga instructor, and tarot reader here to help you use your breath to release emotional baggage, clear your energy, illuminate your path, and connect to your intuition so you can thrive in life!​​