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Photo of Francisca Hernandez creating a personalized aromatherapy blend with essential oils for an Emotional Healing Session in Houston.

Emotional Energy Healing in Houston (and online):

Put your self-care at the top of your to-do list and release the emotional baggage that's weighing you down in a personalized intuitive Emotional Energy Healing session.

Emotional Energy Healing session to help you release emotional baggage and create space to help you finally move forward.

What would your life look like if you could release pent-up feelings of grief and resentment?

What would you create or experience if you had extra bandwidth?

Would you feel:

  • refreshed?

  • reenergized?

  • or possibly even have space for new levels of clarity and peace?


It's time to put your self-care at the top of your to-do list for once.

Intuitive Emotional Energy Healing sessions combine the intense healing power of Breathwork, the energy-clearing comforting benefits of Reiki, and the clarifying personal discovery validation of Tarot to help you clear, heal, and release stuck energy and emotional baggage that's weighing you down.

Just imagine what you could create or experience if you could release bottled-up emotions that are secretly draining your energy.

"Sometimes we don't realize how much healing we need until we start looking for some."

Google Review of Breathe Connect Thrive_edited.jpg

I am so grateful to have met Francisca and to experience her gift! Sometimes we don't realize how much healing we need until we start looking for some. I booked an in-person Intuitive Energy Healing, and was amazed to find how strong her intuitiveness is. The tarot reading was impressively on-point, and confirmed that I was focused on the right growth and work in my life. I had never done breath work before, and found it very effective at helping me physically feel and become more aware of where energy was stagnant or tied up for me. I felt completely comfortable the entire time, and feel so much better for going through this exercise with her. Thank you so much for today, Francisca. You are amazing.

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How can this Emotional Energy Healing Session help you?

This one-of-a-kind experience will help you gain insight into patterns or themes in your life with a Tarot reading. Next, you get to process and release your emotions through Conscious, Connected Breathwork. You'll also get to experience the healing benefits of Reiki and your choice of aromatherapy in this two-hour in-person session. 

Experience the powerful combination of Breathwork, Reiki and Tarot

This is for you if you need to work through:

  • grief

  • trauma

  • anxiety

  • chronic depression

  • or are tired of just existing in life and are ready to thrive in life!

Photo of white pillows, and purple yoga props for an emotional healing session in Houston at Breathe Connect Thrive

Heal old wounds, release emotions on a visceral level, and connect to your intuition.

While a breathwork session can help you release emotions, combining breathwork with a tarot reading can help you gain clarity, along with the healing energy of Reiki, and the soothing benefits of aromatherapy could help you work through deep-seated emotional baggage. 

Can breathwork really help you clear your mind, release bottled-up emotions and increase your resiliency? Yes, but don't take my word for it. Here's what clients have to say.  

Dr. Menka Patel:
About Breathwork in Houston, Texas

“I can’t express how much I was able to let go and achieve with a private session. She knew exactly what to say in order for me to fully let go and surrender-which is not easy for me. It was energizing and meditative at the same time- I felt free and grounded all at once after the session. It gave me clarity, inspiration, and direction for the next steps. I recommend it to anyone and everyone!"

Find guidance, clarity, and insight into your journey and illuminate your path.  

Old trauma that you've had stuck in your body surfaces during Conscious Connected Breathwork. Emotional energy runs through you, and you get to let all that old shit go and cry it out from a deeper subconscious level, leaving you clear-headed, inspired, and focused.

Pairing Breathwork with a Tarot Reading can give you an external perspective that visually represents the inner workings of your subconscious world to help you answer big questions that self-reflection can't entirely resolve.

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Yeah, but does breathwork really work?
(and other FAQs) 

Does breathwork really work? Sounds funny to read that intentionally breathing with your favorite music playing in the background might be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you'll ever have. Conscious Connected Breathing can help you have an intense physiological reaction that allows you to release emotions on a deep level and heal old trauma stuck in your body. You see, around the 8-12 minute mark, you might feel some resistance. And at that moment, it's just you and your breath. Challenging yourself, pushing through that block, taking one empowering inhale after another helps you build resiliency and trust in yourself like nothing else. You discover that you are both flexible and powerful. You find that you can let go of perfection and control one breath at a time. With each surrendering exhale, you connect to your intuition and spiritual self.  

How many breathwork sessions do you need to heal trauma? If you need to work through grief, loss, trauma, or chronic depression, you might need multiple sessions. While one breathwork session can help you release emotions, you might require more sessions to work through deep-seated emotional baggage. I take you through a twelve-session breathwork process that allows you to get to root issues, address old wounds, and trust yourself to make choices that can help you move forward in your life with confidence no matter what life throws your way. Click here for pricing information about breathwork to help you heal trauma.

How much does a breathwork session cost? Group breathwork classes in Houston can range from $33-$75 per person. Private one-on-one breathwork sessions in Houston can range from $150-$300. Package discounts for multiple breathwork sessions are available. Click here to view all the service prices for breathwork and other healing options.

What is Conscious Connected Breathwork? Conscious Connected Breathwork is an intense and powerful open-mouthed breathing technique where you lay down, inhale into your diaphragm through an open mouth, then inhale again into the chest with an open mouth, and then let out a soft open-mouthed exhale. You breathe during the active phase for about thirty minutes. Then you have a resting period to integrate the physical and emotional release. Old trauma stuck in your body surfaces during Conscious Connected Breathwork. Then emotional energy runs through you, and you can let that shit go and cry it out from a deeper visceral level. This intense breathwork practice can also help you experience more joy, focus, direction, relief, and clarity.

What happens in a breathwork session? After an intake and demonstration of the breathwork technique, we'll get you lying down in a comfortable space where you can be undisturbed for 90 minutes. Then I'll guide you through your breathwork session. I'll play a personalized music playlist with some of your favorite songs. You'll have 25-30 minutes of active breathing. During the breathwork, I'll guide you with personalized affirmations. You'll let out a few yells or vocalizations when I cue you to release some energy. Then you'll have 15-20 minutes of resting time. You'll also have about 15-20 minutes of processing time before and after. A few days after your session, I'll check in with you by email. You'll also receive a personalized report from your breathwork with post-breathwork reflection questions. Most people have an emotional release, while others have spiritual downloads. Some have positive remembrances of those who are no longer living. Everyone's experience is unique.

Is breathwork safe? Breathwork is an umbrella term for any intentional breathing practice. Conscious Connected Breathwork is an intense breathing practice. History of cardiovascular disease, severe unsupported mental illness, seizure disorders, aneurysms, and high-risk pregnancy are contraindications to this type of breathwork. Seeking medical or professional advice before any intense practice is advisable if you have any of these contraindications.

What is tetany? Tetany is cramping in your extremities (hands, feet, shoulders) that can happen during Conscious Connected Breathwork, mostly because we are offloading more carbon dioxide than normal. If you experience tetany, even though it might hurt or feel scary, please know that it is not uncommon, and it will pass. You are safe, and it is only temporary. The amazing thing about breathwork is that you have autonomy over your breathing. You can choose to slow down the breath until the tetany passes or breathe through the discomfort. There is no right or wrong choice here. It's your body and your experience.

Can you do breathwork alone? Of course, you can do breathwork alone; all you have to do is remember the breathwork pattern, find a comfortable space, and set a timer. However, if you prefer guidance in your breathwork practice, then the Conscious Breath Connection Course might be for you. The modules are convenient, iPhone-friendly, comprehensive, easy to digest, and will leave you feeling equipped with new tools each day. It's like I'm there with you, guiding you throughout the course. Click here for more information on learning to guide yourself through breathwork at home.

Yeah, but do Tarot Readings really work?
(and other FAQs) 

How does a Tarot Reading work? Tarot cards are a system of 78 cards. Each card holds a specific meaning. Through a tarot spread, the reader can interpret a message or guidance based on the questions posed in the spread. Moreover, Tarot helps you connect with yourself. If someone else is reading for you, it builds a relationship between yourself, the cards, and the reader. Tarot establishes this connection because it helps you catch of glimpse of who you are in that moment; your dreams, hopes, wholeness, evolution, and hidden self are all brought to the light. Such unveiled feelings and desires leave no choice but to allow Tarot to build a connection through vulnerability.

Can you tell my future? I'm not a fortune teller; my job is to read the story the cards tell and help guide you so you can use your intuition to find a clear path. The beauty of a Tarot reading is that it encourages you to shape your reality. You always have control over your future choices. Tarot isn't an end-all-be-all. If you're feeling lost, it reveals where you are in relation to where you want to be. Tarot is a way to peek at your future route. A Tarot reading shows you if you can expect a traffic jam on your way to the destination. It helps you focus. Now that you know what to expect, you can choose to stay on the path, turn around, shift direction, find an alternate route, or be prepared for the slowdown.

Are you a medium or psychic? No, I'm not a medium, although, in some instances, I might get information from Spirit to help guide you along your path. Aside from meditation, Tarot is also one of my favorite ways to connect to my intuition. And, believe it or not, you don't need to be psychic to read Tarot. This is because the cards have a way of physically presenting evidence of something you might have been pondering but haven't yet outwardly processed or expressed. That's why readings typically resonate with the receiver and not the reader. Often, while reading for others, I've pulled a spread that didn't quite make sense to me. However, I've learned that intuition doesn't typically make logical sense.

Will you give me advice? I won't tell you what to do. However, a Tarot reading will most likely strengthen your intuition and validate what you already know in your heart to be true whether you read the cards intuitively or not. If you go with your intuition, you'll build your confidence. If you don't go with your intuition, you'll know what it feels like not to trust yourself. Either way, you'll have something to measure your gut instinct.

Can you give me a Celtic cross-spread reading? Although I can do Celtic cross spreads, I've found that my unique spread offers a distinct vantage point. To begin with, I take you through a seven-card spread to cover most aspects of your life. Then, I'll have additional cards available that allow us to dive deeper, give clarification and expand on other areas of your life or further guidance. 

I want a yes or no answer to a question. Can you help me with that? Tarot readings tell a story and are more like roadmaps than magic eight balls, so it works best when you ask open-ended questions.

How much does a tarot reading in Houston cost? The cost of a 45-minute tarot reading in Houston is $100; these readings are offered in-person at the Breathe Connect Thrive Studio by appointment and online by phone or Zoom. Package discounts for multiple tarot sessions are available. Click here to view package deals on tarot readings.

What happens in a tarot reading? After briefly explaining my tarot reading style, I'll guide you into a few deep breaths to ground and connect. Then, I'll pull a seven-card spread that touches on most aspects of your life, including mind, body, Spirit, love, expected, unexpected, and action cards. Each card individually has a story for its area. And each position builds on the overarching story of your life at the time of the reading. Just like any story, a good spread has characters, a setting, a plot, conflict, and a resolution. After the initial 7-card spread, we'll dive deeper and clarify based on your specific needs and questions. Everyone's experience is unique. Often we'll pull more cards and possibly even another spread to find the clarification and expansion you require.

Do you offer refunds? Please be sure you're 100% certain you want to purchase a tarot reading because refunds will not be processed. ​

Do you offer tarot readings online? Of course, you can book your reading online; all you need is a comfortable space where you'll be undisturbed for 45 minutes. We can do a Zoom call or phone call. With Zoom, I can send you a recording of your reading. Click here to book your online tarot reading.

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