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Photo of Tarot reading in Houston Light Seers Tarot Deck and Francisca Hernandez ofh Francisca Hernandez of Breathe Connect Thrive

Tarot Readings in Houston (and online)

More than fortune telling. 

Experience Insight, Clarity, Validation, and Resonance

Sometimes we need another perspective. Tarot readings are like a mirror to your soul and can give you much-needed guidance and validation.

  • Are you looking for guidance, insight, and clarity?

  • Want to satisfy your inner woo with a unique Tarot spread?

  • Want guidance and an outside, unbiased perspective from the Tarot? ​

Can Tarot Readings really be an affirming, healing experience? Yup, but don't take my word for it. Here's what clients say.

Allison Kirsch Breathe Connect Thrive Review_edited.jpg

Allison Kirsch

About Online Breathwork & Tarot Package

"Francisca is amazing!


I have worked with her virtually and done both breathwork and tarot readings with her. She is warm, supportive, and intuitive. She brings such positive and amazing energy to each of our interactions.


I always feel like I'm receiving a big hug from her even though we have never met in person."

Lee Chaix McDonough.png

Lee Chaix McDonough

​About Online Tarot Reading

"Oh, every single bit of the reading connected with me. I especially appreciated Francisca's intuitive approach to reading the cards and the seven-card spread she used. ​

It was a highly affirming and validating reading, and I left feeling less anxious and more confident. Francisca is pure magic—a conduit of the divine.

My Tarot reading with her was an affirming, healing experience, and I appreciate how she weaves traditional Tarot interpretations with her own wisdom and intuitive understanding.


She is a gem!"

Kristen Walker Clarity on Fire Headshot.jpg.jpg

Kristen Walker

Co-Founder // Life & Career Coach

​About Phone Tarot Reading

​"Francisca is amazingly intuitive. She went right to the heart of how I was feeling, shining a light on what was draining my energy and helping me move through it with ease.

So much of what she shared resonated with me on a deep level. Not only that, but many of the things she intuitively predicted would happen for me proved true in a matter of weeks!"

Book Your Tarot Reading in Houston (or online)

One single session 45-minute Tarot reading​


Purchase four readings and save $175 with this package!


Treat yourself and save $525 with this package when you purchase 12 readings with this package! 


What to expect from your Tarot Reading

More than fun and fortune-telling, Tarot Readings are more of an external perspective that visually represents the inner workings of your subconscious world. 


When things happen that are out of your control, Tarot readings can help you answer big questions that self-reflection can't entirely resolve.


You'll find guidance, clarity, and insight into your journey with my unique Tarot reading style to help illuminate your path.

Each card individually represents a chapter in your energy.

Together the cards tell the story of your life at that moment. 


We'll start with a unique 7-card spread to cover what's currently happening in areas of your mind, body, spirit, and love, along with expected, unexpected, and action cards.


Then we'll clarify and go deeper based on your specific needs and questions. 


Tarot readings are a bit of extra help from the Universe, a nudge to help you guide you back on your path.

The unfolding of your Tarot reading will help you: 

  • Shine a light on what's draining your energy. 

  • Make choices in how you can move forward. ​​​

  • Clarify your position in major areas you're struggling with in life.

​ 45-minute online video, phone, and in-person sessions are available.

photo of Francisca Hernandez shuffling tarot cards before a tarot reading in Houston

Book Your Tarot Reading in Houston (or online)

One single session 45-minute Tarot reading​


Purchase four readings and save $175 with this package!


Treat yourself and save $525 with this package when you purchase 12 readings with this package! 


Yeah, but do Tarot Readings really work?
(and other FAQs) 

How does a Tarot Reading work? Tarot cards are a system of 78 cards. Each card holds a specific meaning. Through a tarot spread, the reader can interpret a message or guidance based on the questions posed in the spread. Moreover, Tarot helps you connect with yourself. If someone else is reading for you, it builds a relationship between yourself, the cards, and the reader. Tarot establishes this connection because it helps you catch of glimpse of who you are in that moment; your dreams, hopes, wholeness, evolution, and hidden self are all brought to the light. Such unveiled feelings and desires leave no choice but to allow Tarot to build a connection through vulnerability.

Can you tell my future? I'm not a fortune teller; my job is to read the story the cards tell and help guide you so you can use your intuition to find a clear path. The beauty of a Tarot reading is that it encourages you to shape your reality. You always have control over your future choices. Tarot isn't an end-all-be-all. If you're feeling lost, it reveals where you are in relation to where you want to be. Tarot is a way to peek at your future route. A Tarot reading shows you if you can expect a traffic jam on your way to the destination. It helps you focus. Now that you know what to expect, you can choose to stay on the path, turn around, shift direction, find an alternate route, or be prepared for the slowdown.

Are you a medium or psychic? No, I'm not a medium, although, in some instances, I might get information from Spirit to help guide you along your path. Aside from meditation, Tarot is also one of my favorite ways to connect to my intuition. And, believe it or not, you don't need to be psychic to read Tarot. This is because the cards have a way of physically presenting evidence of something you might have been pondering but haven't yet outwardly processed or expressed. That's why readings typically resonate with the receiver and not the reader. Often, while reading for others, I've pulled a spread that didn't quite make sense to me. However, I've learned that intuition doesn't typically make logical sense.

Will you give me advice? I won't tell you what to do. However, a Tarot reading will most likely strengthen your intuition and validate what you already know in your heart to be true whether you read the cards intuitively or not. If you go with your intuition, you'll build your confidence. If you don't go with your intuition, you'll know what it feels like not to trust yourself. Either way, you'll have something to measure your gut instinct.

Can you give me a Celtic cross-spread reading? Although I can do Celtic cross spreads, I've found that my unique spread offers a distinct vantage point. To begin with, I take you through a seven-card spread to cover most aspects of your life. Then, I'll have additional cards available that allow us to dive deeper, give clarification and expand on other areas of your life or further guidance. 

I want a yes or no answer to a question. Can you help me with that? Tarot readings tell a story and are more like roadmaps than magic eight balls, so it works best when you ask open-ended questions.

How much does a tarot reading in Houston cost? The cost of a 45-minute tarot reading in Houston is $127; these readings are offered in-person at the Breathe Connect Thrive Studio by appointment and online by phone or Zoom. Package discounts for multiple tarot sessions are available. Click here to view package deals on tarot readings.

What happens in a tarot reading? After briefly explaining my tarot reading style, I'll guide you into a few deep breaths to ground and connect. Then, I'll pull a seven-card spread that touches on most aspects of your life, including mind, body, Spirit, love, expected, unexpected, and action cards. Each card individually has a story for its area. And each position builds on the overarching story of your life at the time of the reading. Just like any story, a good spread has characters, a setting, a plot, conflict, and a resolution. After the initial 7-card spread, we'll dive deeper and clarify based on your specific needs and questions. Everyone's experience is unique. Often we'll pull more cards and possibly even another spread to find the clarification and expansion you require.

Do you offer refunds? Please be sure you're 100% certain you want to purchase a tarot reading because refunds will not be processed. ​

Do you offer tarot readings online? Of course, you can book your reading online; all you need is a comfortable space where you'll be undisturbed for 45 minutes. We can do a Zoom call or phone call. With Zoom, I can send you a recording of your reading. Click here to book your online tarot reading.

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