Tarot Readings in Houston

Experience Insight, Clarity, and Resonance

Francisca Hernandez Tarot Reader in Houston, Texas of Breathe Connect Thrive

Sometimes we need another perspective.
Tarot can give you that much-needed guidance.

What to Expect from Your Tarot Reading

A unique seven-card spread will cover all areas of your life circumstances.
You'll find guidance, clarity, and insight into your journey with my unique style of Tarot Reading to help illuminate your path.

Each card individually represents a chapter in your energy.
Together the cards tell the story of your life at that moment. 

The unfolding of your reading will help you: 
  • Clarify your position in the areas you are struggling with in life.
  • Shine a light on what's draining your energy. 
  • Make choices in how you can move forward. ​​​

​ 45-minute online video, phone, and in-person sessions are available.


Is Tarot this reading for you?

This Tarot reading ISN'T for you if you:

  • Want someone or the cards to tell you what to do. (I'm not a fortune teller and I won't tell you what to do. My job is to read the story the cards tell and help guide you so you can use your intuition to find a clear path.)
  • Want a Celtic cross spread reading. (Although I can do Celtic cross spreads, I've found that my unique spread offers a distinct vantage point.)
  • Want a yes or no answer to a question. (Tarot readings tell a story and are more like roadmaps than magic eight balls.)

This Tarot reading IS for you if you:
  • Are looking for guidance, insight, and clarity.
  • Want to satisfy your inner woo with a unique Tarot spread.
  • Want guidance and an outside, unbiased perspective from the Tarot. ​
Francisca Hernandez Tarot Reader in Houston, Texas at Breathe Connect Thrive

One single session 45-minute Tarot reading​


Purchase five readings and save $42 with this package!


Treat yourself and save $123 with this package when you purchase 12 readings with this package!