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3 Tarot Spreads for Connecting with Loved Ones

I remember the first time I created a spread. It happened when I got my first tarot deck.

When I realized how simple it was to get specialized guidance from Spirit, I was hooked.

This is one of the reasons I enjoy sharing tarot spreads. They help with big questions that self-reflection can't entirely resolve.

Tarot isn't about fortune-telling for me. Tarot and Oracle readings serve more as an external perspective, visually representing what's going on subconsciously. It's a bit of extra help from the Universe, and your Loved Ones, in this case, a nudge to help guide and comfort you.

As promised, here's the second video of the three-part series for connecting with your loved ones; I'm sharing tarot spreads to help you with:

  • How your loved one communicates with you

  • Grief tarot spread

  • Guidance in a specific situation

BTW, I've given up trying to just share the spreads, as it's evident by now that the Universe wants these to be mini-guidance reading videos. 👼

So you're in luck if you don't own a Tarot or Oracle deck and want a reading from your loved one because, most likely, one of the readings might be meant for you.

You can download the Tarot spreads I mention in the video by clicking here.

After watching the video, I'd love to hear how this resonated! So be sure to comment and let me know.

Other videos that'll help you connect with your loved ones that have passed on:

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I get so much joy hearing from you, especially when you get a reading that resonates with your current energy! So please don't be shy, hit reply, and let me know.

Don't forget to breathe deeply, connect consciously, and thrive wholeheartedly!

Sending lots of love & light,

Francisca Hernandez



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