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How to unblock your creativity with tarot spreads

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by a creative project that you just gave up on it? Julia Cameron calls these acts of self-sabotage, creative u-turns.

Creative u-turns and blocks take space and energy in your body, mind, heart, and soul.

And I know all about creative u-turns. I mean look at last week's video. I recorded it twice, edited it, and almost pushed the publish button, only to back out of the creative driveway and allow it to stay dormant for 11 months.

While I might not have felt it on the surface, underneath something was brewing. As soon as I published it last week, I felt lighter, freer, and even got a bit of euphoria.

Sometimes it's the little things that really have a hold on you. And it isn't until you confront and release it that you notice what a relief it is to let it go.

What creative u-turns are taking space in your life?

Well in the second video of the 3-part series, I'm sharing three tarot spreads, including:

✨ Creative U-turns tarot spread

✨ Creative unblocking tarot spread

✨ Creative permission tarot spread

After watching the video, I'd love to hear how this resonated! So be sure to comment and let me know.

And if you want a closer look at the cards along with a full reading from the guidebooks, scroll down and find your reading.

Creative U-turns Tarot Spread

I used Chris Anne's The Light Seer's Tarot Deck for the creative u-turns tarot spread.

Card 1: What fears do I have about this project? Ten of Wands

You might fear feeling overburdened and tired. Sometimes this overburdened feeling can come from holding on to old ideas, patterns, or limiting beliefs. Do you really need to carry all the weight of your burdens on your own? Is there something on your plate that you can outsource to the Universe? The Ten of Wands comes with a message to keep going. It's also okay to ask for help AND let go of that extra baggage weighing you down. No matter where this heavy feeling originates, take this opportunity to free yourself from what's slowing you down, knowing that the Universe will help you when you make space by releasing that stuff weighing you down. You are almost there!

Card 2: What resentments do I have about this project?- Temperance

You might be feeling resentment about losing balance. The Temperance angel card appears after a significant transitional time in your life. This healing angel brings the harmonizing energy of alchemy and appears to help guide you into renewing energy to prepare you for the rest of your journey. ⁠Temperance comes with a message of re-purposing, guidance, and balance, asking you to alchemize depleting energies into those that replenish you. The Temperance angel reminds you to practice patience with yourself.

Card 3: What anger do I have about this project?- Queen of Pentacles

You might feel anger towards this project because it might not be fruitful. You might have other responsibilities that make more sense to focus on. Pentacles indicate stability, financial security, structure, groundedness, and secure energy.

The Queen of Pentacles is here to remind you that you can enjoy your deeply connected life while still maintaining abundance and love. You can shift any shadows that are holding you away from comfort, balance, security, and happiness.

By connecting with nature you can find calm and groundedness that can keep you from overextending, overcompensating, and overindulging yourself and others.

You're a self-made person with a kind heart, no one can take that from you.

Card 4: What do I gain by not going forward with this idea?- Four of Wands

Are you worried that moving forward with this idea might bring a loss of stability, strength, structure, and harmony? Perhaps you're afraid you might not have time to celebrate. If you're feeling disconnected, remember that you've done a ton of work. So you might need time to relax and integrate all the milestones and carefully laid foundations that have helped you reach new levels of consciousness.

Card 5: What will help me navigate away from this creative u-turn?- Six of Wands Celebrate your wins and appreciate your progress, accomplishments, and successes. Witness yourself, and by doing so, you inspire others. Don't forget to surround yourself with a community that will acknowledge and support you too.

Unblocking Creativity Tarot Spread

I used Chris Anne's The Light Seer's Tarot Deck & The Sacred Creators Oracle Deck for the unblocking creativity tarot spread. The Sacred Creators Oracle readings are direct translations from Chris-Anne.

Card 1: What's blocking my creative energy? The Hanged Man

Are you in a holding pattern, feeling stuck in analysis paralysis, or just taking some time to look at things differently?

Sometimes the Universe gives us the gift of a different vantage point, one in which you can hold a place of knowing that you can sit in ease and appreciation for all that you have now and all that is to come.

The Hanged One is suspended upside down. She holds onto one foot with one hand as she allows her other hand to hang free. If she were so inclined, she could easily pull herself up.

But it doesn't look like she's ready to move yet. Instead, it seems like she appreciates this new frame of reference.

Though things might not always go according to your plan, this card asks you to open your heart to the possibility of a bigger plan.

Whether you choose to surrender, realign, pause, reflect, or embrace, we have free will, so the choice is always up to you.

⁠What will you choose?

Card 2: Which Chakra should I nurture to help me activate my creativity?- Three of Pentacles

The Root Chakra is asking for nurturing. You must feel safe in order to create and collaborate. Spirit is letting you know that you've done the work and planted the seeds. Stoke your inner fires and enthusiastically pursue your passion for grounding and stability.

Once you're able to feel grounded and secure then you're not only in alignment with the rest of your Chakras, but you'll also be free to step into the vibration of consciously collaborating.

Card 3: What will help me open my creative flow?- You. The Muse


card essence: finding your light, showing off your talents, finding creative inspiration, embodying creativity, fertility, abundance, nurturing your projects and your tribe


Where do you find your creative spark, and how do you stoke the creative fires of inspiration? It’s time for you to fully embody your own variety of creativity, and to become a bona-fide muse. In your muse form, you will see the beauty in everything. It will be as if you are wearing gold-coloured glasses that highlight the opportunity waiting for you at every corner. Do you see it now?

Your magic resides in the spaces between

In the folds of the guf

where the muse can be seen

Your brilliance illuminates

words spoken and spelt

Where your power is raw

and your muse) can be felt

Surround yourself with things, work, and people that inspire you. You are about to enter a phase of intense inspiration and creation. In order to reap the rewards of this phase you’ll need to nurture your creativity, your connections, your sensuality, and your joy.

Stepping into the role of the muse is necessary now. You must not avoid the limelight of potential if you want to shine, grow, expand and connect with your tribe. Step into your greatness. Get ready to play a bigger game; it’s all a part of embodying the muse nature of this card. Are you ready to breathe in your expansive, inspirational self?

Card 4: How can I better focus my creative energy? - Bliss is worth creating From For From


card essence: in flow with the universe, joy, passion, purpose, creating from your heart, finding the things that make your heart sing


Bliss attracts bliss

When you decide to live with bliss in your heart, you call more bliss into your life. This is manifestation 101, and, rather conveniently, bliss is both the end-goal and the vehicle to take you there. It’s the chicken and the egg conundrum of bliss and bliss. And when it comes right down to it, does it really matter which one comes first?

Bliss is apart of the end goal, right?

If you could find your bliss – right now – would it help you to build your dream a little bit quicker? Wouldn’t your dream feel a whole lot closer (and way more possible) if you remembered that you had bliss on tap whenever you wanted it? Make the choice, today, to find more bliss in your life.

If you’ve been manifesting all sorts of joy and enjoying your creator life, this card is cheering you on and serves as a big sacred yay! Keep going. You’re on the right track! You may want to bump it up a notch and pay more attention to your daily practice.

If you’ve been neglecting some aspect of your self-care and bliss routine then it’s time to get back to it. Make new commitments to your one-and-only body. | ahem, temple!

There’s a good chance you’re already aware that you need to integrate a little more self-care into your days. It’s affecting your ability to feel as positive as you’d like to feel. If you are wondering how on earth you’re going to fit something else into your jam-packed day, it’s really important that you do fit it in. The busier you are, the more vital it becomes to actively create from bliss.

Using bliss as a catalyst for your business is like adding rocket fuel to a Mini Cooper. Change can happen quickly when you create from this state.

Is it time to up–level the vibe?

Card 5: What is the guidance from Source?- The Moon

Look at the subconscious and pay attention to your dreams. Nurture the subconscious What fears and old patterns are lurking under the surface?

When you're ready to trust your intuition and face your fears, you'll know that you are safe and can reach new levels of perception.

There's healing, hidden truth, divinity, and magic beneath the surface of old paradigms that once held you back. Trust yourself and allow those patterns to fall into the depths of the sea.

Creative Permissions Tarot Spread

I used Chris Anne's The Light Seer's Tarot Deck & Kyle Gray's The Angel Guide Oracle Deck for the creative permissions tarot spread. The Angel Guide Oracle readings are direct translations from Kyle Gray.

Card 1: What core negative beliefs should I examine? - Seven of Swords

Feeling like you're going to be taken advantage of or your idea might be stolen. Issues around originality are coming up.

The Seven of Swords often warns us of deception or betrayal. It could also signify that you might be pretending you're okay with a situation when in reality you're not.

Know that though you might be at the receiving end of duplicity, you can still act from a place of integrity and love.

Remaining in alignment with your morality is possible when you are honest with yourself.

Sometimes being honest and calling someone else's deceit out, can feel uncomfortable. Other times, calling yourself in might make you feel uneasy.

But treating yourself with love and honoring your most genuine intentions can keep you from deceiving your own heart.

Card 2: How can I reframe those beliefs? - Sacred Plan

Your Message

This card doesn’t represent the plan that God has for your life, more the plan that comes to fruition based on your intentions and your highest good. You have been given the incredible gift of free will and therefore your thoughts, deeds, actions, and intentions are in some way going out into the universe and curating the experiences, opportunities, and energies that are flowing in and out of your life. When this card appears, you are being encouraged to move into a state of surrender, where you recognize that yes, your intentions have an impact on the creation of your life, but how those intentions unfold is not down to you, but in the hands of God. The divine plan is your intentions unfolding in a way that God/the universe feels is for your growth and highest good. Know that every experience you have been through in your life has been a way‐marker on your journey towards growth and expansion. And your angels are acknowledging your growth now.

Extended Message

If you are trying to force a plan into action, the angelic guidance is to back down and trust in the greater good. Often when something isn’t happening for us, we’re frustrated, but that’s only because we don’t see that our “perfect plan” is unfolding. When your ideas or plans go wrong, trust that the universe has a greater plan for you. And that greater plan isn’t something that has already been chosen for you, it’s more of a culmination of all of your life’s intentions, prayers, and actions washing back toward you with opportunities and experiences.

Call on your angels to light up the path ahead. You may feel that you are facing the unknown, but know that you are always guided and protected.

Card 3: How can I protect my artist child? - The Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands asks you to embody her traits of rooted purpose and boldly step into your light. Be sure to rest and nurture yourself too. Keep your creative, passionate fires burning, and work on whatever lights you up confidently without regard to the outcome.

Do you have something to say?

If you’re feeling unsure of yourself, that’s okay.

The Queen of Wands asks you to sit with the fire and transmute your shadow self, the self that keeps you small because you don’t need to hide anymore. She’s here to ask you to fill your world with your palpable light because you are powerful beyond belief.

So shine your fire brightly and believe in yourself. No need to be afraid to stand up, speak, and be heard.

Card 4: What baby steps can I take to engage my creative spirit?- Four of Wands

Celebrate small steps and build foundational steps. Maybe the creative ideas didn't turn out the way you might've wanted, but know that there is still a sacred plan for you, your creativity, and your goodness. You might've been through a spiritual growth spurt recently. And now it's time to celebrate with kindred spirits in your closely curated community.

The Four of Wands brings a message of stability, strength, structure, and harmony.

If you're feeling disconnected, remember that you've done a ton of work. So you might need time to relax and integrate all the milestones and carefully laid foundations that have helped you reach new levels of consciousness.

Card 5: What's the guidance from the Great Creator? - Learning Experience

Your Message

You have dedicated a lot of your time, effort, and energy to understanding yourself and the world and have had many experiences recently that have been great teachers. Even though not everything has been easy or perfect, there has been a positive in that you have come to understand yourself, your gifts, and your abilities better than ever. You are deeply connected to who you are, what you stand for, and what’s important to you in life. When this card appears for you, angels are acknowledging the challenges and obstacles you have surmounted recently. Although it may have been a difficult time for you, your faith and inner strength have increased. Know that the cloud has a silver lining and you will soon have moved beyond the feeling of being stuck or unsupported.

Extended Message

Inner peace and a sense of security come from overcoming hardships. Without the challenges that life has presented to you, you wouldn’t be the person you are today. This is a time for you to reflect on the incredible strength you have. No matter what has gone wrong for you, you have made your way through the darkness and into the light. When this card appears for you, your angel guide is inviting you to ask yourself, “What have I learned from this?” This card represents the teacher you have within, and through integrity and connection, you will be able to find a message within the mystery.

If you are still facing challenges, you are being encouraged to keep going and trust that the worst will soon be over. The light at the end of the tunnel is you!

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