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The Power of Celebrating End-of-Year Rituals for a Fresh Start

What energy are you ready to leave behind this year? And what energy are you ready to step into this new year?

If you need help processing those end-of-year questions, I have an end-of-year ritual that can help you get rid of anything you don't need or want to carry with you in the new year.

This powerful end-of-year ritual includes tarot, breathwork, reflective journaling, and clearing out old stuff. It can help you release the previous year's energy so you can move into the new year with a fresh start.

If you'd like to follow along with the End-of-Year Ritual, you're in luck! Because this year, I'm sharing a FREE End of Year Ritual Journaling Workbook to help you review and release the year's energy.

1. Journal with end-of-year reflective questions: 

Here are the questions I use. It's changed over the last couple of years, so feel free to adjust these questions for yourself. I've used questions from different sources, made up some of my own, and have settled on seven major end-of-year journaling questions:

  • What did I do, create, or experience this year that I'm proud of?

  • What was the most challenging part of this year, and what did it teach me?

  • Are there any mistakes I made this year that I can use to learn and progress?

  • How did I challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone and grow?

  • What soul lessons did I discover this year?

  • What do I want to let go, release, or soften?

  • What do I want to welcome or invite into my life this year?

Download this 22-page workbook, perfect for releasing the energy of 2023 and refocusing your intentions for living a soul-aligned life! It includes:

  • Simple, yet important journaling prompts to help you review, process, and release the energy of 2023

  • Tarot/Oracle Spreads to help you reflect, integrate the year's soul lessons and lay the energy of the year to rest

  • The Conscious Connected Breathwork process to help you release the energy of the year, ignite (or re-ignite) your inner fire, and make space for planting seeds for living a Soul-Aligned Life

End-of-Year Ritual Workbook P1
Download PDF • 2.60MB

2. Clear your space:

You are clearing energy whenever you throw out old furniture, Tupperware, or clothes.

Abraham Hicks has a process of clearing clutter for clarity. It's process 14 in the book, "Ask, and It Is Given". In this process, they say that anything you own impacts how you feel since everything has vibrational energy.

I couldn't agree more.

I've done this cleaning process a few times since 2018. Every time I do this, I seem to uncover yet another layer of myself, and I feel lighter each time. 

  • Go through your living space, room by room, and discard or give away anything you no longer want or need.

  • If you have a working space, do the same there too.

  • Clear out old phone numbers, files, pictures, and videos on your laptop, tablet, camera, or other electronic devices.

3. End-of-Year Ritual Tarot Spreads:

Tarot helps you connect with yourself and helps you catch a glimpse of who you are in that moment; your dreams, hopes, wholeness, evolution, and hidden self are all brought to the light. 

No, you don't need to be psychic to read Tarot because the cards have a way of physically presenting evidence of something you might have been pondering but haven't yet outwardly processed or expressed. 

If you're like me, you might have a delayed reaction to emotional processing. So, it's essential to give yourself space. 

The simple act of getting rid of old things can make you feel lighter. And, if you're processing old memories, feelings, and trauma, you might notice some uneasiness. It's natural, especially if you're highly sensitive or an empath, as I am.

Most importantly, be gentle with yourself. If you find yourself mourning what could have been, that's perfectly normal, especially after the year we've had. 

When I started clearing things from my home earlier this month, I felt like I was in a good space. And even though the last few weeks have been a doozy for me, I know I am always divinely guided. No matter what, I can always take time out to breathe deeply and regain balance and groundedness. 

Letting go and taking the inward journey of reflection takes guts. Reminding yourself of the wins is also essential, but it isn't always easy if you can be proud of yourself and give yourself some grace while doing the rest of these exercises.

My favorite for releasing deep emotions is conscious connected breathing, especially for processing after peeling back some layers.

Breath by breath, you can choose to face the grief and old trauma until it dissipates and eventually shifts your perspective. In breathwork, you'll learn to forgive others. Eventually, and most importantly, you'll learn to forgive yourself.

Combining breathwork and coaching can lead you to less anxiety, more resiliency, and an undeniable trust in yourself.

Whether you want to release:

  • Anything that's holding you back

  • Stress and the need for perfection

  • Negative association with love and relationships

  • Whatever makes you feel unnecessarily guarded or protective of yourself

  • Limited beliefs and thinking regarding attachment issues with money, love, and career. 

Breathwork can help you release the energy of 2023, along with limiting beliefs that keep you stuck living the same way year after year, and process any underlying feelings to help reclaim lost parts of yourself, cleaning the slate and resetting your power and bandwidth for the upcoming year.

5. Meditate:

Meditation is about focus. That's it! It's taking a few minutes to focus on something and keeping your attention on that one thing. Whenever your mind wanders (and it will), gently bring your attention back to your focal point. 

However, you choose to meditate is up to you. I like silent meditations as well as guided meditations. 

If you're not sure that you can do a silent meditation yet, I like these meditations for letting go: 

6. Smudge:

I like smudging or clearing with Palo Santo, but you can use a sage bundle, too. This method is super simple. To use this method, open your front and back doors and the windows and light either Palo Santo or a sage bundle.

Then, intentionally wave the smoke up and down at each corner of every room. You can do this in one area or every room in your home. While doing this, you can use affirmations and say out loud or silently:

  • I let go of what no longer serves me.

  • I bless this space with love and light.

  • Thank you for protecting me; I now release you.

  • Or whatever feels right to you at the moment.

There might be some areas of your home that feel like they require a few more waves of the Sage or Palo Santo. You can't do it wrong. You can also smudge yourself before and after you smudge your home.

7. Intentional Planning

As far as resolutions go, I've never been a fan. Anytime I've made one, I've failed. 

So now, instead of making resolutions or deciding what I want to accomplish in the coming year, I like to envision how I want to feel daily and what I'd like to invite into my life in the coming year. This time around, I want to welcome more:

  • Ease

  • Space

  • Interest

  • Intimacy

  • Creativity

  • Expansiveness

Then, I build a practice around things that I know align me and raise my vibration. For now, meditation, yoga, morning pages, and breathwork help to bring me into a place of balance, alignment, and appreciation. 

This doesn't mean I won't feel the shitty emotions, far from that. I found that after years of feeling nothing, I now feel every emotion, the "nasty, ugly" ones like hate, despair, and agony. AND I feel the "good" ones like joy, love, and fun.

Building a practice that centers me helps me come back home to that place of aligned, balanced appreciation and stay there a bit more often each time. 

By not putting so much pressure on myself to complete something, I don't have attachment and expectation to a specific outcome, which can sometimes get in the way of following my intuition and just going with what feels right. 

This way, I'm free to enjoy the process and follow the synchronous magical breadcrumbs of life. And that's the kind of energy I'm always willing to invite into my life.

And that's what I'd like to help you do in The Soul-Shift VIP Intensive.

Whether you're ready to invite:

  • More clarity on what path to take

  • A cleansing of your soul and a fresh start

  • Peace, complete trust in your path, and acceptance of yourself

  • Clarity on the future and what direction you want to be going in life

What about you? What are your end-of-year reflective practices? What do you want to welcome into your life?

I'd love to hear from you, so leave a comment below.

🎥Other helpful videos for your end-of-year ritual:


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