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4 Things You Need to Know About Trusting the Universe

What would your life look like if you fully trusted that the Universe was always looking out for you? Is there something in your life that might be different? What would you let go of if you fully understood and fully knew without a doubt that the Universe was looking out for you?

In this blog on trusting the Universe, I share:

👉Tips you can use to help you with trusting the Universe

👉 Why getting in touch with your feelings makes such a difference in trusting the Universe

👉Journal prompts and questions to help you trust the Universe

👉A magical synchronicity story; an example of what it looks like when you fully trust the Universe.

I'm sure you hear it quite often: trust the Universe.

What does that even mean to you? What does that mean to me? I think it's subjective: It means different things to different people. When I talk about the Universe, I'm referring to All That Is: Infinite Intelligence, Source, Spirit, Love, everything that makes up everything we are that we're a part of.

I believe that there's something bigger, that has this overarching view, that is connected to me, that I'm a part of, that's a part of me, that's a part of you, that knows everything, that I want, and can help me and you find the best way to get to that path.

And as humans, we have free will.

So we can choose to trust the Universe, and we can also choose not to trust the Universe; we have the ability to trust ourselves too.

By now, I'm no stranger to trusting the Universe. And though I've had plenty of moments of magical synchronicity, I still, at times, falter in my faith that I can fully trust that the Universe is really looking out for me and listening to my desires. But it always helps to look back at all the times the Universe has had my back and astounded me with its response to my desires.

Trusting the Universe to help you along your path with trusting the Universe and trusting the Universe wasn't always easy for me. I didn't even know what that meant for a long time.

Here are some tips you can use along your journey in trusting the Universe.

I'm also sharing journal prompts because it can be really difficult to find your way and find your way of listening and trusting the Universe.

The first tip is to get in touch with your feelings, all the feelings: your uncomfortable feelings, your good feelings, and the not-so-good feelings.

  • Learn to recognize & process your feelings.

  • Your feelings are a signal or beacon to the Universe.

  • Your feelings can also act as a compass to help guide you in the right direction.

It's important to get in touch with your feelings. They're like a beacon, a signal, and it's what you're putting out there. But your feelings are also like a compass, showing you where you're at. And once you can get in touch with your feelings, recognize them, be self-aware, and process them. Then, the Universe can respond to what you're putting out there.

And if you're having difficulties processing uncomfortable feelings, you'll want to check out this series on processing uncomfortable feelings. The series includes journal prompts, tarot spreads, and a meditation.

The second tip is to learn to get in touch with your intuition and strengthen your intuitive muscles.

  • Learn to trust yourself, get in touch with, and strengthen your intuition.

  • Strengthening your intuitive muscles can help you discern between worry and gut feelings.

  • Use your intuition to follow the breadcrumbs the Universe is leaving for you.

  • Following your intuition can help you take inspired action.

Strengthening your intuitive muscle helps you do the action-oriented part of trusting the Universe because the Universe can send you signs and signals synchronicities.

If you're in touch with your intuition, you can follow these little breadcrumbs crumbs, leading you to pay attention to synchronous moments.

It's a necessary step because we have free will. We're co-creators in manifesting or uncovering our lives and discovering what we want in our lives.

And if we don't act on things we feel are right for us, we will never get anywhere. We'll stay in the same space, so taking action is a big part of trusting the Universe.

You see, you can take action all day long, but if you're not taking action that's inspired by what your heart really wants for you and what your soul is really asking you to do, then it's just going to take a little bit longer to get where you want to be.

The third tip for trusting the Universe is to watch out for synchronicities.

  • Watch out for synchronicities.

  • Chronicle when you've experienced synchronicities.

  • Synchronicities are breadcrumbs from the Universe that let you know you're on the right path.

  • Write down or take note of when you get intuitive hits.

  • Be sure to include how you felt, what you were doing, and your thoughts.

Synchronicities are a way for the Universe to signal to you, "Hey, you're on the right path."

"Hey, you're going the right way."

Pay attention to synchronicities. Start chronicling them and journaling about them.

Really think about all the things that happened or had to happen for you to experience that synchronicity at that point in time.

When you're aware of your feelings and you're able to process them, then you can discern what is intuition versus what is fear.

On one hand, there's a fear that might make you feel closed off.

Then there's a different fear that can make you feel scared yet expansive—the fear that makes you want to leap.

Certain things can mask themselves as intuition.

So being able to discern your feelings between intuition helps so that when you see those synchronous moments of magic. Then you're able to follow them and trust yourself.

Because once you trust yourself, then you can start trusting other people. And then you start trusting the Universe; you can begin to trust that there is an infinite intelligence out there that's looking out for you, that's got this overarching view. Because we may have a specific desire for something, but we may not know all the details or all the fine-tuning that can make us happy in the end.

The fourth tip is to let go of expectations and outcomes.

  • Be flexible. Release attachment to an outcome

  • When you let go of expectations and outcomes, the Universe can deliver all the other things that come with your desire.

  • Allow for flexibility with your desires and make room for learning adjustments.

  • Don't get too hung up on the outcome.

Once you have a desire in your heart and put an order out there to the Universe, figuring out how it will unfold is not your job.

Your job is to desire to decide what you want and then to get into a space where you can allow those synchronicities to happen. Listen to your intuition, trust yourself, and then follow those synchronous breadcrumbs that lead you toward what you want. When you let go of expectation, when you let go of a specific outcome, it's so much easier for the Universe to deliver all the other things that come along with it.

Watch this video, where I share a story of what it looks like when you trust the Universe and follow the breadcrumbs of synchronicity.

The Universe delivers more, and it's such a beautiful thing.

The most beautiful thing I've experienced is the realization that it isn't just for me.

When trusting the Universe, which comes from a tiny desire, encompasses this overarching theme that delivers magic to so many around me, it's a beautiful co-creative process.

If the Universe can do that on my behalf, then anybody I worry about is not my concern because the Universe is watching out for them, too.

Highly-sensitive, codependants, or empaths, this is for you, especially if you've had some issues with codependency. You might worry about people that you love. And to understand that the Universe is acting on my behalf, not just for me, but for everybody, it's liberating to know that it isn't your job to worry about anyone else.

And it's an amazing thing when you trust the Universe...

When you let go of attachment...

When you process your feelings...

When you say, "Hey, I'm feeling lonely, but here's something that will make me feel better help me process my feelings."

"Hey, I'm feeling like I want to watch this meditation."

"Hey, I'm feeling like I need to take action and join this group."

"Hey, I need to watch out for these little synchronous signs."

And I know how it feels because I've done all that.

Here's A Magical Story of Synchronicity and how I let go of expectations. And it was just such a beautiful thing.

I have many more stories to share about what it looks like when you trust the Universe. Click here to see more videos on trusting the Universe.

Journal prompts for trusting the Universe

Here are a few journal prompts and questions you can use to help you along your journey with trusting the Universe.

  • What does trusting the Universe mean to you?

  • What is your relationship with the Universe?

    • Are there any hard feelings or codependency issues with testing the Universe? If so, what would it take to resolve them?

  • Describe any moments of magical synchronicity.

    • What had to happen to line everything up for you to experience that moment?

  • What would your life look like if you fully trusted that the Universe was always looking out for you?

    • What might be different?

    • What would you let go of?

    • What might you make space for?

I'm always here to walk alongside you! So, I hope these tips, journal prompts, and the story I shared resonate with you and help you along your journey in trusting the Universe.

I'd love to hear from you. What does it look like when you trust the Universe? What kind of stories do you have about trusting the Universe? What tips would you like to share about trusting the Universe?

Be sure to leave them in the comments below.

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Francisca Hernandez



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