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Stories About Trusting The Universe

By Francisca Hernandez

Friday, May 24, 2019

What do a speeding ticket, a broken dog collar, and a tow truck have to do with trusting The Universe?

If you'd asked me that five years ago, I would've said nothing is connected. I would've told you that none of that has anything to do with trusting the universe.

I used to think life was a random series of events. I thought life had no meaning. I felt I had no purpose and didn't understand why I was alive. Kinda depressing, huh?

But these days, even though I know that everything is connected, I might just need a little reminder that the Universe is conspiring not only on my behalf but on yours too.

That's why I'm sharing these stories with you again. So get comfy with a cup of tea or grab your headphones to head out for a nice walk as you listen to me share:

  • Three stories about trusting The Universe

  • How I was able to relax and follow my intuition

  • About the way I was able to flow into solutions when problems arose.

After you listen (0r read below), I'd love to hear from you. Do you have a story about trusting the Universe, God, Spirit, Source, or All-That-Is?

Comment and let me know.

When life throws us curveballs, it’s natural to get upset. I know this can be frustrating. It can be downright infuriating when things don’t go as planned. For such a long time, I thought I had no support. I didn’t know anything had a purpose. I thought everything that happened was unfair and a product of injustice. It’s challenging to trust in anything when you feel that way. However, in the last couple of years, I’ve had so many synchronicities and confirmations that things are not at all random. I’ve seen how the Universe has supported me all along. I now know that life is not a series of unfortunate events. I now understand that there are no coincidences. Feeling connected and trusting the journey when you have no idea where you’re going can be difficult. Recently, I’ve had some more evidence that the Universe is looking out for all of us, not just me. I thought it’d be interesting to note that these three stories happened within three consecutive days of each other.

The Speeding Ticket

I recently drove to Georgia. It’s a twelve-hour drive from Houston. At around the ninth hour, I guess my foot got heavy on the pedal. It’s funny because you typically won’t catch me speeding these days. I see the lights blinking behind me as I pull over. I looked at the speedometer and see how fast I was going. Although I was speeding, it seemed to me like I was only keeping up with the other drivers. After an exchange of formalities, the State Trooper hands me a printed speeding ticket. Once he lets me go, I drive off minding my speed. I think about it a bit as cars are zooming past me. In the past, I would have pulled the old why-me-card. Instead, I pull the everything-happens-for-a-reason-even-if-I-never-know-the-reason-card, and I leave it at that.

The Detour

Thirty minutes later, Google maps announces that there is an accident that is causing a 30-minute delay. As I’m taking the ramp to get off I-10, my car starts shaking. It feels like the shaking is coming from underneath the front wheels. As soon as I exit the freeway, I see a brakes, shocks, and tire garage to my left. I make the u-turn and pull into the garage. I park the car and notice how busy they are as I walk inside. A gentleman walks in from the garage to the counter. He looks like he’s tired and ready to head home. I tell him that I’m two hours from my destination and explain the shaking. We walk out to my car. He takes a look at my tires then asks for a few more details. He then asks if he can drive my car around. As he’s driving off with my car, I start thinking about the worst-case scenario. Then I remember that the Universe knows what’s it’s doing. Instead, I start appreciating the weather. I feel the warm sun and summer breeze on my skin. I start being grateful for the break to stretch my legs. My attention gets drawn to the back of the garage, and I notice some impressive tall pines. I walk behind the shop and see that there’s a small creek flowing through the trees. As I stand there admiring the beautiful landscape, I see the guy drive my car right into the garage. He walks over and asks me to come with him. As we’re walking into the garage, he starts telling me that they are 15 minutes from closing. They’ve already lifted my car into the bay. He shows me that I have a separated tire on the front driver’s side. He tells me that he was getting ready to clock out, but assures me that he'll replace it before they close. I’ve never had a separated tire before. I tell him about the speeding ticket and the detour. I ask him if my tire would have blown out if I had continued speeding. “Yes, ma’am. You’re lucky; you probably had a few more miles before that would have happened. I’ll get you taken care of soon so you can get back on the road, ma’am.” he responds. I walk out to the back of the shop to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The sun is starting to set in the west. It’s casting its orange and purple hues onto the sky.

As I stand in appreciation, I start putting it all together.

If I had kept speeding, I could have had a blowout on the freeway. I would have missed that slowdown on the highway. Who knows where the next tire shop would have been. I don’t remember seeing an exit for the last fifteen to twenty miles. It would have taken a tow truck or emergency vehicles a while to get to me. That could have been way more costly in more ways than I can even imagine. Replacing a tire seems like nothing compared to that. How amazing is it that I got stopped for speeding out of everyone else? How amazing is it that my car started shaking as soon as I got off the freeway? How amazing is it that I looked to my left and saw the garage? How amazing is it that the guy was walking into the shop to clock out? I’ve never been so grateful in my life for getting a speeding ticket.

The Bridge

The next day, I decided to find a beautiful place to take Rocky on an appreciation walk/run. I found a park by Valdosta State University, eleven miles away. The park was smaller than I’d expected but had a lot of character. I was initially going to walk on the sidewalk with Rocky, but I noticed a sign that mentioned trails. From the corner of my eye, I saw a bridge inside the park. So, I decided to take the scenic route. Rocky was pulling a lot. While I tried to correct him, I started getting a bit frustrated. I’d forgotten how much he pulled. Then I remembered that if I calmed down, he might calm down too. It had been a few months since we’d been around each other. He’d probably never been to this park. I let go of trying to control him and stopped resisting. I started appreciating the way the sun’s rays were shining through the tall trees. All of a sudden, I felt the leash get loose. I looked over and saw Rocky’s collar was no longer around his neck. I expected him to run off. But, he was too busy sniffing around and hadn’t seemed to notice. I calmly took his leash and looped it around his neck. For a split second, I thought about heading back home. Then I remembered how I had been stuck in a car all day yesterday. I was looking forward to our walk/run. I know he wanted to do the same. With the leash around his neck, we walked over the bridge and through the rest of the inside of the small park. Anytime he pulled, the leash got tighter around his neck. To avoid choking himself, he was hardly pulling. So, I got to take a bunch of pictures. After exploring the park, we walked over to the sidewalk. On our way, I saw a recycle bin with the number 333. I laughed out loud. (I’m into numerology. 333 means that divinity, angels, or ascended masters are protecting you.) During our mile run, Rocky was barely pulling. I noticed the busy street next to the University. I thought of how I was drawn to the bridge to explore the inside of the park. I started thinking of what might have happened if his collar had snapped on the sidewalk by the busy street. He could have run off. I might have had to chase him. He could’ve gotten hit. Then I started thinking about what might’ve happened if his collar hadn’t snapped. He probably would have pulled the whole way. I’m sure I would have gotten frustrated. I remembered yesterday’s car issue and the 333 sign I saw earlier. I smiled the rest of the run, secure in my knowledge that the Universe had my back.

The Tow Truck

The next day on my way back to Houston, I feel something shift underneath my car. This time, my car steering wheel is shaking. It was not like before. I start thinking about pulling off the freeway. However, something tells me not yet. I’m 90 miles from home. Five nerve-racking miles later, I know it’s time to exit. I pull off the freeway directly into a Valero gas station. I get out and start inspecting the car. There’s a neon green piece of paper stuck to the bumper. I pull it off. It has a few handwritten numbers. The numbers are 3-3-2-2-2-2-3-2-3-2. I start laughing again. 2222 is also an angelic number. The funny thing is that, even though I’m into numerology, and I've been seeing repeating numbers more and more throughout the years, I don’t know how I feel about angels. I walk over to the passenger side. It looks like the front passenger-side tire is going to fall off. There’s a lug nut missing. I call my nephew. He tells me to see if I can drive it home. So, I start driving. After a few feet, realize that I’m not going to make it. I see a Chevron gas station across the street. I pull in next to a gas pump. Before turning off the car, something tells me to pull up by the store instead. I call one of my sisters to see if she can pick Rocky and me up. Then I call my mechanic brother-in-law. It’s a few minutes to nine, and he tells me to get to an auto parts store so they can replace the lug nut. I call the nearest store two miles away. They have the part, but I know I can’t make it there before they close. Just as the realization sets in that my car needs to get towed, a flatbed tow truck driver pulls up next to me. He gets out and looks directly at me. I ask him, “Are you here to save me?” He asks me what I need as he tells me that he’s just getting ready to close out for the day. He takes a look at the car and says he can tighten the loosened lug-nuts for me, but he doesn’t know if it’ll last the 85 miles I have to drive. He asks me what I want to do. I respond, “What would you do if it was your sister?” “Hell no, I wouldn’t let my sister drive.”, he says. I say, “I guess you’re towing me then.” He tells me that he was just thinking about driving into Houston for a shwarma anyways. I laugh. During the 90-minute drive, we talk. It’s a light superficial conversation, you know, stuff like cooperative coincidences, yoga, meditation, spirituality, God, Catholicism, the Koran, etc. The subject of family comes up, and he says he’s unhappy in his marriage. I say that although I know nothing about being married, I can relate to being in long-term relationships.

We talk about the nature of relationships and how one-sided things can look after a while. Then I felt the need to share with him how two of my relationships were abusive. So I do. About a block from my home, he tells me that he now has new insight into his marriage. He sees how he might need to view things differently. He looks a long time and says that he knows we were supposed to meet. He tells me that I have angels watching over me. He asks me if I know that I have secrets of the Universe. Then he tells me he thinks I need to visit Jerusalem. I smile and say that I might do that someday. As he’s getting back into his truck, he tells me to send my receipt for the tow to my insurance company so they can reimburse some of the tow charges.

I don’t know what he means by the secrets of the Universe comment. I also don’t know about angels.

What I do know is that three times in three days, I had confirmation that The Universe is watching over me. You can call it the Universe, God, Spirit, Source, Love, All-That-Is. Whatever you call it, I think we’re talking about the same thing. I do know that until December of 2017, I thought life was a random series of events. I thought life had no meaning. I felt I had no purpose and didn’t understand why I was alive. I now know that everything is connected. There is a reason for everything. Sometimes we can’t see it. Sometimes it’s clear as day. Sometimes we think that things are unfair. Sometimes we think we know what’s best. Sometimes we wonder why things don’t work out the way we want them to. My job is to relax into knowing that there is a plan. My job is to trust that the Universe is doing this for me and not to me. My job is to listen to my intuition and inner guidance. My job is to allow Universal forces to coordinate cooperative coincidences. My job is to stand in appreciation and witness Universal forces in their beautiful dance.

Isn’t it nice to know that you are supported? What about you? Do you have a story about trusting the Universe, God, Spirit, Source, or All-That-Is?

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