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Tarot spreads for releasing what no longer serves you

In Part 2 of the Releasing what no longer serves you video series, I share three tarot spreads to help you:

  • lay things to rest with the Descansos exercise,

  • find out what rituals no longer serve you,

  • and figure out what's ready to be harvested in your life.

And if you need help releasing what no longer serves you, from now until October 31st, you can SAVE when you access the online breathwork course:

After watching the video, I'd love to hear how this resonated! So be sure to comment and let me know.

If you want a closer look at your tarot or oracle cards and the spreads, scroll down and find your reading.


Tarot Spreads

Descansos Tarot Spread: Using Chris-Anne's Light Seers Deck see video for translation.

Rituals Tarot Spread: Using Chris-Anne's Sacred Creator's Oracle Deck with a direct translation from the guidebook.

One Step Ahead is all you need: ESSENTIAL MEANINGS

card essence: determination, perseverance, progress, sharing learned knowledge, leading edge of thought, building on existing skills, charismatic

self-care message: worrying about expert status, impatience, not enjoying the journey, unwarranted feelings of doubt or failure, insecurities, lack of direction or focus


One step ahead is always all you need. Maybe it’s a new skill that you are adding to, or a giant dream you’ve just started to envision. Whatever you are building, determination and perseverance are mighty mindsets to adopt. Sometimes we worry about not making it to our destiny fast enough, not building our content quickly enough, not being progressive enough. (That pattern of not enough?) Stop that.

One step ahead is all you need, sweet pea. And if that doesn’t sound like music to your soul, maybe it’s time to start logging your steps. When you string them all together they become marathons of one-step-in-front-of-the-other and the rhythm they create is your divine dance toward expansion. One step at a time.

Make a mission statement for your soul: ESSENTIAL MEANINGS

card essence: soul journey, finding meaning in life and work, guaranteed success, happiness

self-care message: ensure you are on the right path, the illusion of happiness, chasing money and material things


It’s time to make a mission statement for your soul. Imbue it with passion and truth, and make sure it reminds you of all the reasons why you are doing what you are doing. What is your why? Underneath money and success and stability, and beyond independence and creativity and inspiration, why do you do what you do? What’s your sacred why?

Many beautiful souls get stuck in a rut when they can’t quite articulate their life purpose. It can be a daunting task to finalize one be-all-and-end-all purpose that is meant to remain with you for the rest of your life! This notion is constrictive instead of expansive. It assumes that you are at your highest level of awareness today, which is only true if you’ve decided to stop growing.

Let go of that big over-arching purpose thing, and make a mission statement for your soul, whatever that looks like today! Check in with your passion and your truth. The passion you feel for your life is an indicator of how close you are to your true mission. And, just for the record, you may feel like you have more than one truth, or it may feel like it’s shifting every time you grow. That’s wonderful! Don’t get tricked into spending a lifetime trying to pinpoint the perfect purpose. Simply move toward what makes your heart happy, and you will be perfectly poised for soul purpose success.

Fearless expression: ESSENTIAL MEANINGS

card essence: your soul laid bare, showing off your talents and your beauty, self-confidence, knowing your heart song and singing it clearly, accepting your value, self-worth, finding your courage and the fearless expansion of your joy

self-care message: hiding your brilliance, unnecessary fear and self-doubt, playing small, diluted expression or saying what others ‘want to hear’ instead of what you long to say


You are ready to bravely share your mission and your story with the world, and people will respond positively to your ideas at this time. Work on expressing yourself confidently. Clear self-expression and confidence go hand-in-hand.

You are ready for all the challenges that will come with your new-found expressive communication. Your throat chakra is buzzing! It’s bursting at the seams because you’ve got something to say. Don’t bottle your thoughts or your opinions at this time. Your success is deeply connected to your expression. The universe will support your dream as you step onto a new path of personal expression and power. This is an exciting time for you! When you are communicating your desires and your dreams to others, it’s time to be mega-honest. Delve into your own unique form of powerful articulation as only you can do.

If you could share any one belief you hold on to, and feel relief in having shared it, what would it be? What does your soul need to express today? How could you be more authentic in your expression? What nature of yourself is being silenced? Why does your throat chakra feel like it needs to play a bigger role in your life?

When this throat chakra-microphone card shows up, its message is crystal clear: Let me speak. When you are ready, make a quick list of the things that your throat chakra is begging to communicate.

Harvest Tarot Spread: Using Kyle Gray's Angel Guice Oracle Deck with a direct translation from the guidebook.

Holy Love: Your Message You are blessed to receive this card today, for it shows you are being surrounded by loving energy and the cup of your heart will be filled until it overflows with goodness. The angels who are with you now know that at times you can feel unloved and unappreciated and this can block your experience of love and appreciation. The divine energy that is surrounding you at this time is there to help you melt away any blockages so that you can be open and receptive to the love and appreciation that you deserve. Your angel guide is encouraging you to view yourself in a loving way and to give yourself permission to be loved. If you have been holding back for a while but are now ready to share the love you have within, this card brings the message that it is safe for you to do so.

Extended Message Angels of love are gathering around you in awe and celebration, for you are finally willing to remember how loving and lovable you are, and heaven is guiding you to see that you deserve loving relationships, loving experiences, and loving acceptance from the world around you. This card marks a milestone in your own self‑awareness. It acknowledges the steps that you have taken to claim your worth and to recognize that you deserve to be loved and respected and to feel good. It also acknowledges a new level of spiritual openness, which draws even more divine love from your angels and the Creator. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams by the power and the presence that created you, and through receiving and acknowledging that love, you will create even more loving experiences in your life.

Signs and Reminders: Your Message

Angels and loved ones in heaven are sending you signs of their presence now. You may be seeing the same number patterns or sequences, finding feathers, seeing the same birds at special times, or even feeling that you are being visited by a loved one or angel in dreams or at some point in your day. These are all messages of support. You are on the right path and being guided to know that you do not walk this path alone. In times of need, angels are beside you, blessing your heart with love and healing. And your angels and loved ones in heaven will never leave you. Their love will never die.

Trust the Universe: Your Message Although your faith may be challenged now, trust the universe. There is a reason for some of the experiences you’ve been going through recently. There are no coincidences in life and everything is unfolding perfectly according to the divine plan. Positive opportunities are coming your way. Trust in the process and the path that you are being led down. You will know it is the right path when you experience synchronicities and other signs and wonders. These are messages reminding you to trust the universe.

Extended Message There is no such thing as chance. All is well. All is guided. If you lose an opportunity or feel you have been shut down, know that this is the work of God and angels, and it is right for you. If you are wondering where you go from here, know that when you ask the universe for a sign, it will show up the moment you are on the right path. You are being guided by your angels to stop questioning everything that is occurring at this time and let in the miraculous support you deserve. Trust that you are deserving of good experiences (because you are!) and the universe will deliver them to you.

Intuition and Downloads: Your Message Hearing high‑pitched noises, seeing flickers of light, and having the sense that beings are visiting you in your sleep are all signs that you are receiving “downloads” from heaven. When you draw this card, your angels want you to know that the feelings you are having and the intuitive urges that you have been feeling are divinely inspired. If you feel that you’ve been having psychic insights into a particular situation and have been wondering if you can trust them, this card is reassuring you that they are indeed correct. This is a time when you are able to see, hear, and feel beyond the human senses. Your intuition is becoming stronger and you are in touch with angels, guides, and other divine beings who are encouraging your growth and connection to the universe. Extended Message You are a lightworker. This means that you have the capacity to bring light to the Earth through your presence and purpose. Even though you may feel sensitive and overwhelmed, know that your gifts are stronger now and your psychic muscles are moving. You are being encouraged to look beyond what your physical eyes are showing you. You may want to use what you pick up to plan ahead. If so, it’s important to keep your mind and energy focused on the best possible outcome. Be aware of signs and symbols showing up at this time—your angels are sending you important messages that will help you move forward in your life. Call upon them to help you connect deeply with the spiritual vision that is opening up within you.

Resources to help you release what no longer serves you:



Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype is a book by Jungian analyst, author, and poet Clarissa Pinkola Estés

It's Not Your Money: How to Live Fully from Divine Abundance

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