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October Tarot Reading: What's ready to fall away?

And, what are you ready to harvest?

Fall is officially here. The pleasant temperature drop reminded me that I could once again appreciate sitting on my porch (with some iced tea, of course).

And while in Houston, we hardly experience seasons, we did have a few days of fall-ish weather😂. Which got me thinking, what's ready to fall away in your life?

So in this month's tarot reading, here's what I asked Spirit for you:

  • What's your current energy?

  • How can your focus best serve you?

  • What needs to fall away in your life?

  • What's ready to be harvested this month?

  • What's the guidance from Spirit for you?

The crystals I felt called to use this month for you were: Amethyst Chevron, Bloodstone Jasper, and Botswana Agate.

After watching the video, I'd love to hear how this resonated! So be sure to comment and let me know. If you want a closer look at your tarot cards, scroll down and find your reading.

These last few months of 2022 offer us chances to release what no longer fits and introduce new energy into our lives. What are you harvesting in your life?

Reading Timestamps

As always, take what resonates and leave the rest behind.

Keep in mind that these are general readings, but I know how helpful it can be to get a personalized tarot reading. So if you want to gain clarity on areas you're struggling with, highlight what's draining your energy, and make choices to move forward in your life, click here to book your session.

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