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Following Your Soul to Your Heart's Desire

If you're anything like me, you might always have a plan while simultaneously hoping the Universe will step in and help you fulfill your desire.

It's officially my final day working as an office manager! When I first announced my resignation on January 14th, I couldn't have imagined what today might've looked like.

Sure, I knew I'd be working for myself and focusing my full efforts on growing my business, but having my own healing studio in Houston so soon was not even on my radar.

Fast forward to today, and Breathe Connect Thrive Studio has been open since March 15th, 2022. I've broken even almost every month plus made some profit in July!

Setting your intention and then releasing the reigns to allow the Universe to work through you might be the most challenging part of co-creating with Source. But sometimes, this might be the very path Spirit uses to deliver something BETTER than you could've imagined.

Sometimes I forget how often Source has gifted me with better outcomes than I could've ever dreamt. And that is what I'm talking about in today's special episode! I'm sharing one of my favorite stories of how my soul and the Universe directed me to not only witness but also participate in one of the most enlightening, satisfying, soul-quenching, and out-of-body experiences of my life.

I'm not only sharing this story to inspire you. But also to remind me that Source can deliver what we most desire in such beautiful and synchronous ways if only we can truly release our controlling grip, let go, and allow all while still actively participating and following our heart. Because, after all, it's our heart's desire that leads us to these magical places.

So get cozy with some iced tea or grab your earbuds and go for a walk while you enjoy storytime! And as always, I want to hear from you. So let me know what resonated, what didn't, and how this made you feel.

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Don't forget to breathe deeply, connect consciously, and thrive wholeheartedly!

Sending lots of love & light,

Francisca Hernandez of Breathe Connect Thrive



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