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February 2023 Tarot Reading

What new story is unfolding for you?

This month, the Full Moon is in Leo on February 5, 2023. And it's giving me lots of Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra energy.

The Solar Plexus Chakra symbolizes the core of your personality, your ego, and your self-definition; its purpose is transformation. And the Heart Chakra relates to activating love, hope, optimism, and harmony.

This Full Moon's energy encourages you to break patterns so you can shine your light, creating new habits for healthier living in order to keep going. Activating love, hope, and optimism, you might often feel pulled in different directions and maybe even pushed beyond limits. So it also reminds you to keep recalibrating your intuition, heart, and logic so you can maintain your footing.

With this combination in mind, here’s what I asked Spirit for you:

✔ What's your current energy?

✔ How can your focus best serve you?

✔ What are some limiting beliefs you have about yourself?

✔ What new stories can you tell yourself instead?

✔ What's the guidance from Source for you?

After watching the video, I'd love to hear how this resonated! So be sure to comment and let me know. Want a closer look at your tarot cards? Scroll down and find your reading.

As usual, I used crystals for each tarot reading. I felt called to use Blue Apatite, Pink Botswana Agate, and Amethyst Zebra crystals for your readings this month.

Wondering what new story is unfolding for you?

Remember that these are general readings, so it helps to get a personalized tarot reading. Want to gain clarity on areas you're struggling with, highlight what's draining your energy, and make choices to move forward in your life?

January 2023 Tarot Reading

Reading Timestamps

As always, take what resonates and leave the rest behind.

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Jan 2023 Red Tiger Eye Tarot Reading

Jan 2023 Red Tiger Eye Tarot Reading



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Other helpful videos:

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I love how Spirit is always speaking to us, whether through dreams, ideas, friends, family, situations, or other messages. Source is always speaking to us. And whether we get on the same frequency to hear the message or not, Spirit does not judge us one bit. We can never miss what is meant for us, and The Universe is happy to co-create with us once we are ready.

Don't forget to breathe deeply, connect consciously, and thrive wholeheartedly!

Sending lots of love & light,

Francisca Hernandez of Breathe Connect Thrive



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