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Chakra Balancing Breathwork Journey Call

45-min discovery call for the Chakra Balancing Breathwork Journey

  • 45 min
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  • Phone call

Service Description

**THIS IS A DISCOVERY CALL FOR THE CHAKRA BALANCING BREATHWORK PROGRAM PRICED AT $2444 WITH ELEVEN 2-HOUR SESSIONS, SOLD ONLY AS A PLAN** The Chakra Balancing Breathwork Journey is a signature experience intimately guided and bespoke to your situation where we’ll work one-on-one together over the course of 3-6 months. This exclusive program is for you if want to: -Learn to trust your intuition -Cut through the mental fog -Know how to ground yourself -Clear stuck energy in the moment -Learn how to balance your Chakras at any time -Bring your heart back to harmony in the tough moments -Release limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in old patterns Clear stuck energy and release underlying emotions that are draining you with this personalized exclusive combination of Conscious Connected Breathwork, Coaching, Reiki, Tarot, Crystal Therapy, and Aromatherapy in this 11-session premier experience through your Chakras. Imagine what you could create or experience in your life if you could: -Actively live your life and not just be a passive bystander. -Clear stuck energy and release underlying emotions that are draining you. -Reconnect with your body and get in touch with your Chakra energy centers. -Connect to your intuition and your soul at a higher level while tuning into a different frequency. By the end of your journey, you'll leave with the ability to tune into your body confidently, bring harmony and balance your Chakras anytime they feel out of alignment. Details: • This 11-session Chakra Balancing Breathwork journey is only sold as a plan. • Sessions last 90 min - 2 hours; please allow enough time for each session. • Essential oils, crystals, and all other materials are included. What you'll need to bring: • An open mind and heart, ready to explore and connect! Ready to tune into your body and learn how to bring harmony and balance your Chakras anytime they feel out of alignment? Then scroll back up to save your spot.

Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy: Please be 100% sure you want to book a session. Breathe Connect Thrive does not accept cancellations once you've booked a session. By clicking the Terms & Conditions box before submitting payment, you understand and agree that all payments/fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. However, you can reschedule your session up to 24 hours in advance by logging in here:

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Breathe Connect Thrive, 704 Telephone Road, Houston, TX 77023, USA

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