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Unblocking Creativity Meditation | Unlock your creative soul

When we can't help but think about something close to our hearts, I believe that's the Universe's nudge, asking us to take action. Most of the time the action is for our joy, but I often find it's also for someone else's benefit too.

We just can never really have that overarching view Spirit has. Your message, your video, your song, your podcast, your book, your painting, your expression, there's someone out there that needs to experience your voice.

The Universe is working through you.

I first heard the concept of a neverending well of divine creativity from Louise Hay in 2017. One of her affirmations was "Creativity flows to and through me." I feel like this was one of the statements that helped my numbed-out cold heart thaw a bit.

And in today's final installment of the 3-part series on unblocking your creative energy, you'll take a little trip back to childhood, remembering that magical feeling when you first created something. Because as you'll hear in this meditation, creativity is like a neverending river that always flows. We get to choose whether we jump in the river of creativity or not.

Does that make unlocking your creative soul easy? No, but you don't have to be creative or show up; creative expression is a choice. We have free will; we can decide how, when, or even if we show up.

After watching the meditation, I'd love to hear how this meditation resonated! So be sure to comment or reply and let me know.

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