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September 2022 Tarot Reading | A message from a Loved One for you!

It's not uncommon for me to get messages from my mother or father since their deaths. And I've had plenty of instances where my friends' loved ones (most of whom I've never met) have had me deliver a message to them.

I have several ways of communicating with my parents. It's less likely to happen in dreams with either one of them. But last week, I dreamt about them both almost every night.

While talking it over with my therapist, she posed a good question. "What if they also don't know what'll happen next, and they're letting you know they're with you every step of the way?"

Sometimes we place so much pressure on the next steps and how the future will look; when in all actuality, we can't ever determine how things will work out. But I do like knowing that no matter what, my loved ones are always there with me.

I've wanted to include a message from a loved one in your monthly reading for some time now too. And the message has been getting louder over the last couple of weeks. Which got me thinking, what message does a loved one have for you?

So in this month's guidance reading, here's what I asked Spirit for you:

  • What's your current energy?

  • How can your focus best serve you?

  • What's the message from a loved one for you?

  • What's the guidance from Spirit for you?

As usual, I used crystals for each tarot reading. I felt called to use Orange Calcite, Peacock Ore, and Carnelian Agate crystals for your readings this month.

After watching the video, I'd love to hear how this resonated! So be sure to comment and let me know.

If you want a closer look at your tarot cards, scroll down to find your reading.

Reading Timestamps

As always, take what resonates and leave the rest behind.

Keep in mind that these are general readings, but I know how helpful it can be to get a personalized tarot reading. So if you want to gain clarity on areas you're struggling with, highlight what's draining your energy, and make choices to move forward in your life, click here to book your session.

These last few months of 2022 offer us chances to keep the momentum going. What are you moving forward with in your life?

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I get so much joy hearing from you, especially when you get a reading that resonates with your current energy! So please don't be shy, hit reply, and let me know.

Don't forget to breathe deeply, connect consciously, and thrive wholeheartedly!

Sending lots of love & light,

Francisca Hernandez



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