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4 Things You Need to Know About Using Breathwork for Trauma Healing

Look up Breathwork for trauma, and you'll find about 2,060,000 results in 0.37 seconds.

As a Breathwork teacher, recovering co-dependent, someone who nearly bled to death a few years ago and is now grieving the loss of her mother, I know a thing or two about using breathwork for releasing emotions and healing trauma.

And I also know that there are things breathwork teachers won't tell you. So here's what you need to know about using breathwork for trauma healing. If you'd rather watch a video on this, click here,

1. Your trauma-healing journey is unique to you and your experiences.

I know I'm not supposed to say this, but Conscious Connected Breathing might not be the right thing for you.

Has breathwork helped me release pent-up emotions, gain clarity, and increase my resiliency? Absolutely!

Do I want you to try breathwork? 1000%

Is breathwork right for you and your unique healing journey? That's only something you can decide.

You see, you have a specific way of healing that's unique to you. After guiding hundreds of Breathwork, Tarot, Reiki, Chakra balancing, meditation, and restorative yoga sessions, I've discovered that there isn't a cookie-cutter recipe for healing.

And there are physical limitations to Conscious Connected Breathwork too! For example, a history of cardiovascular disease, severe unsupported mental illness, seizure disorders, aneurysms, and high-risk pregnancy are contraindications to this type of breathwork. Seeking medical or professional advice before any intense practice is advisable if you have any of these contraindications.

Don't have any of those contraindications and want to find out what kind of breathwork is best for you? You can take this 2-minute breathwork quiz to help you discover your unique self-healing breathwork archetype and match it with a self-care routine and breathwork style that's best for your personality.

After you take the breathwork quiz, you'll get results that'll help you:

  • Identify your unique self-healing personality.

  • See the traits that both hinder your progress and the remarkable strengths you possess to help you release emotions or stress on a deeper level.

  • Match your unique self-healing personality with breathwork techniques and a self-care plan that's right for you.

  • Get to the root of bottled-up emotions that are secretly draining your energy.

2. You get something different out of Breathwork each time.

First, what is Conscious Connected Breathwork?

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a powerful, active three-part breathing practice that can help you release bottled-up emotions on a deep level. With each opened-mouth circular breath, you dissolve stress and tension you didn't even know you were holding onto.

Most times, you'll leave a breathwork session feeling like a weight's been lifted off your shoulders, reconnected to yourself, and recommitted to your goals.

But you won't always feel that way. This kinda goes back to that first point. You have a unique trauma-healing journey. Every time you do breathwork, you peel back another layer. And sometimes, breathwork can feel annoying, frustrating, or possibly even boring.

But where I've seen clients transform the most is when they stick with the breathwork practice. When they keep going back and peeling layers. Underneath the boredom is a layer of resiliency, courage, forgiveness, and discernment.

No, you won't feel peace or euphoria each time you do breathwork. Hell, you won't even feel an emotional release every time you use breathwork for trauma healing. While breathwork won't solve all your problems, it will allow you time and space to process and address stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout.

3. Breathwork for trauma healing results aren't immediate.

I said it, and it's true. Nothing in life changes unless you change. And you don't get better at anything unless you practice it. You'll get as much out of breathwork as you put into it. And the more you expose yourself to breathwork, the more you revisit those shadow parts of yourself, the more you revisit the stress, the less scary it gets.

You see, in Conscious Connected Breathwork, you're actually increasing stress in your body. The more you do this, the more you build your resiliency. If you need to work through grief, loss, trauma, or chronic depression, you might need multiple sessions.

While one breathwork session can help you release emotions, you might require more breathwork sessions to work through deep-seated emotional baggage. Going through an eleven or twelve-session breathwork process that allows you to get to root issues, address old wounds, and trust yourself to make choices that can help you move forward in your life with confidence no matter what life throws your way.

To take your healing to the next level and experience a massive transformation in your life, you'll want to check out the Chakra Balancing Breathwork Journey! The Chakra Balancing Breathwork Journey is a signature experience intimately guided and bespoke to your personal situation. We’ll work one-on-one together over the course of 3-6 months, in-person or online, incorporating coaching, breathwork, tarot, and reiki. By the end of your 11-session journey, you'll confidently be able to:

  • Trust your intuition and follow your heart's desire

  • Actively live your life and not just be a passive bystander

  • Clear stuck energy and release underlying emotions that are draining you

  • Balance your Chakras, one by one, from your Root all the way to your Crown Chakra

  • I only have a couple of spaces left, so you'll want to apply soon

  • This is for you if you're ready to get started within the next couple of weeks

  • If you want to experience a massive shift in your energy before the year ends, now is the perfect time to get on board!

4. You can use other tools alongside Breathwork to help you.

Really, all you need is your breath and private space for breathwork- but using other tools alongside breathwork can help you feel safe and validated. Combining the power of Conscious Connected Breathwork with other tools, like a sound bath, can create a renewed sense of transformation. So here are a few other things I love combining with breathwork.

You see, Oracle cards serve as an encouragement tool, a message from God, Source, The Universe, and Your Higher Self.

Oracle cards can be used as a compass to let you know whether you’re on the track that’s best for you at this moment.

They’re like a beacon, a magical message from the Universe to help you along your path.

Above all, when using breathwork for trauma healing, I hope you remember that you have a specific way of healing that's unique to you. There is no one else like you. Take care of yourself on your healing journey!

And I'm always here to walk alongside you!

I go over all of these points in the video below. And I always find it fascinating to know how my videos resonate with you, so after watching the video, let me know your thoughts!

Resources I mention in the video:


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Sending lots of love & light,

Francisca Hernandez



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