According to your results,
your self-healing breathwork archetype is

The Magician;
A  one-of-a-kind,  confident, intuitive, creative, and innovative powerhouse!

What your Magician self-healing archetype power means for you.

No isn't a word in your vocabulary. You can make anything happen; you can manifest and materialize your desires almost instantly, ESPECIALLY when someone tells you that you can't. When faced with adversity, your natural tendency is to look for alternatives. You use all of your resources in your magical toolbox to solve problems, and you don't wallow in the loss. You figure out what is needed to move forward and grow from the challenge.

You enjoy direct communication, and you don't like small talk. You'd rather not talk at all if you're not diving into meaningful conversation. You genuinely care about the health and well-being of others which you demonstrate through your passion and advocacy. Every breath in and every breath out is authentic, and people are receptive to your realness.

You have the unique ability to combine your intellectual and analytical side with your emotional qualities. You balance your fiery action-oriented traits with your practical groundedness. 

When you combine all of these elements with your intuition and deep, spiritual connection, you hold space for the power to create transformative healing.
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Don't forget that as a Magician, you're a one-of-a-kind, innovative powerhouse!  And your Magical Self-Healing Strengths  include being: 

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Your Magical Self-Healing Challenges

Your intrinsic ability to speak up inspires hope and change in others. And sometimes, the hope and change don't feel like it comes fast enough for your desires which might leave you feeling on edge. 

You're action-oriented and confident in your abilities. You're super honest, which is a great trait, but sometimes you turn that honesty into a sword against yourself. And you can at times be inflexible when it comes to controlling the outcomes and timelines of your desires. You might at times feel uncertain about your future and lose confidence that your vision will become a reality. 

Because of your unique abilities, you often feel misunderstood. You might at times feel like your problem is unique and unsolvable, which can sometimes lead to periods of anxiety, anger, or depression. 

Here's how you can use your Magician self-healing archetype power to create a self-care plan that's best for you.

Create a spellbinding self-care routine

Your ability to dip between feelings and logic can sometimes send you into a tailspin of emotions reasonably quickly.  So it helps to get a leg-up on self-care and make it a priority in your daily routine.
Because you're creative, intuitive, and resourceful, it's best to have several different daily practices to pull out of your magic hat. This way, you can regularly implement these practices without feeling constricted.

Have an emergency plan
Although you do a great job of taking care of yourself regularly, sometimes it might not feel like it's enough. So keeping some go-to emergency exercises when you're in an emotional tailspin is crucial.​

Accept support
Although you might feel like no one will understand, reaching out might not be your first go-to, but staying connected is one thing that might help you feel understood.​
And don't forget to ask for help from the Universe, your higher self, or your own inner guidance through meditation, prayer, breathwork, or yoga. 
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Here's How You Can Maximize Your Magical Self-Healing Abilities through Breathwork:

You recover best through various techniques that help you reconnect with your magical abilities to manifest the life you desire. 

Your Personalized Self-healing Breathwork Strategy includes breathwork exercises like:

Roller Coaster Breath: to calm you when you wake in the middle of the night.

Conscious Connected Breathwork: with a tarot or oracle reading before and after so you can release emotions on a deeper level.

Breath of Joy: to energize you when you're feeling depressed. 

Click on the links above and try the breathing exercises. Then use this worksheet to note which exercises shift your energy back to your natural magical powerhouse self.

Imagine what your life would look like if you:

- Were able to release emotions on a deeper level
- Got clear on themes and patterns that might be blocking you
- Released responsibilities that aren't yours to begin with in the first place
- Felt confident in your ability to trust that your vision will become a reality
- Felt validated and were able to process and let go of what's holding you back
- Connected with your soul at a higher level and tuned into a different frequency
If you're saying, "Yes, this resonates! But what do I do next?"
Then the Conscious Breath Connection Course is for you! ​​

The Conscious Breath Connection Course is an amazing tool that can help you take a deeper dive into your self-healing abilities. 
I created this short breathwork course to help YOU use your breath to calm overthinking so you can THRIVE in life, not just survive life!​​