According to your results,
your self-healing breathwork archetype is

The Investigator; 
A precise, logical, steady, dependable, and resourceful person.

What your Investigator self-healing archetype power means for you.

Analytical and dependable, steady and classic. People know what to expect out of you because you make your reliability and abilities clear from the start. Systematic and detail-oriented, you can knock tasks out.

Because you like to be prepared and investigate, you do your research, making you a wealth of information.

You appreciate balance, stability, and structure and value your alone time. Every breath in and every breath out is automatic and viable. You genuinely care about the safety and security of your small circle of family and friends.

You have the unique ability to apply your analytical and structured approach to almost any situation. You can simulate various outcomes when it comes to planning so you're able to notice small details that others might overlook. So you're always prepared and well-equipped with supplies and necessities.

Rational, wise, and well-informed, your self-healing approach is very perceptive, methodical, and astute. 

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Your Investigator Self-Healing Challenges

Your detailed, structured, and no-nonsense approach makes you valuable and trustworthy. And sometimes, that knowledgeable approach can cause you to overthink and lean too much on your logical thinking when it comes to emotional and spiritual self-healing.

You're task-oriented and also cautious when it comes to taking action. You're willing to try new things once you've gathered the facts, details and read the fine print, which can lead to inaction at times.

Your straightforward style allows those around you to know how you feel, but sometimes others might view your direct approach sharper than you'd like.

Your attention to detail and appreciation for stability can at times leave you feeling resistant to change. Instability and erratic upheavals are your kryptonite and leave you feeling out of breath, cynical, and guarded. This might, at times, make you feel uncertain or worried about future outcomes and timelines.

Because of your logical approach and attention to detail, you sometimes feel misunderstood. You might feel like your problem is solvable if you could find an informative step-by-step process.
Don't forget that you're a driven, intuitive, expressive, fiery problem solver!  And your Investigator Self-Healing Strengths  include: 

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Here's how you can use your Investigator self-healing archetype power to create a self-care plan that's best for you.

Create a systematic and proven self-care routine
Your ability to access your logical thinking can sometimes cut off your emotional side when it comes to choosing a self-care strategy. So it helps to create a self-care routine ahead of time and make it a priority in your daily habits.
Because you’re dependable, logical, and resourceful, it’s best to have quick and easy practices can regularly implement without feeling pressured.

Have an emergency plan
Although you do a great job of keeping a routine, uncontrollable outside conditions can throw you into an unpredictable wave of emotion. So be prepared by keeping some go-to emergency exercises when you're in an unexpected emotional tailspin is crucial.

Ask for help, then take time for just you.
You might feel like you can handle things on your own so reaching out might not be your first go-to. But staying connected is one of the things that might help you gain more insight and information about your emotional journey.
And don't forget to ask for help from the Universe, your higher self, or your own inner guidance through meditation, prayer, breathwork, yoga, or whatever option makes you feel supported.
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Here's How You Can Maximize Your Investigator Self-Healing Abilities through Breathwork

You recover best through proven, tried, and true techniques that help you balance your logical and emotional side. 

Your Personalized Self-Healing Breathwork Strategy includes Breathwork exercises like:

Box Breathing: a predictable and steady breathing practice to help you feel calm, focused, and clear.

Roller Coaster Breath: a tactile breathing technique that helps you calm you and bring you back into a focused state when things go awry.

Conscious Connected Breathwork: so you can get out of your logical mind and release emotions on a deeper visceral level, so you don’t carry them around with you. 

Click on the links above and try the breathing exercises. Then use this worksheet to note which exercises shift your energy back to your logical, steady, dependable self.

Imagine what your life would look like if you:

- Were able to release emotions on a deeper level
- Got clear on themes and patterns that might be blocking you
- Released responsibilities that aren't yours to begin with in the first place
- Felt confident in your ability to trust that your vision will become a reality
- Felt validated and were able to process and let go of what's holding you back
- Connected with your soul at a higher level and tuned into a different frequency
If you're saying, "Yes, this resonates! But what do I do next?"
Then the Conscious Breath Connection Course is for you! ​​

The Conscious Breath Connection Course is an amazing tool that can help you take a deeper dive into your self-healing abilities. 
I created this short breathwork course to help YOU use your breath to calm overthinking so you can THRIVE in life, not just survive life!​​