According to your results,
your self-healing breathwork archetype is

The Ignitor;
A driven, intuitive, expressive, fiery problem solver.

What your Ignitor self-healing archetype power means for you.

Bouyant, energetic, persuasive, and enthusiastic, you love to think outside of the box.

You're a master at networking and collaboration, so you have no qualms about building lasting relationships. Optimistic, dynamic, and fast-acting, you can make anything happen. 

You enjoy bonding, communication, and connection. You genuinely care about the health and well-being of others, which you demonstrate through your action-oriented and passionate enthusiasm. Every breath in and every breath out is in harmony with your enthusiastic personality. 

You have the exceptional ability to partner with others and sharing your secrets of success to uplift and influence those in your circle. 

Upbeat, lively, social, and enthusiastic, your self-healing approach is very electrifying, optimistic, and earnest. 
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Your Ignitor Self-Healing Challenges

You're optimistic and energetic personality makes you a fantastic innovative leader in your own right. Being a passionate high achiever, you passionately take on many projects. Often this can lead to taking on too many obligations, which might make you feel depleted. 
Your friendly and open style demonstrates remarkable networking skills. And sometimes, your value towards connection can blur your boundaries with others. You often prioritize the needs of others above your needs, leaving you feeling unbalanced and exhausted. 
You're trusting, fast-acting, and enthusiastic nature is lovely. And it can cause you to overlook the details leading to a seesaw between impulsivity and procrastination from time to time. And once you've made up your mind, your dynamic approach can sometimes lead to pivoting quickly, leaving those around you in the dust. Criticism, underperforming, and rejection can leave you feeling breathless and guarded, causing you to feel ambivalent or apprehensive about future outcomes.
Because of your highly driven and dynamic nature, you sometimes avoid your feelings. But your openness and willingness to be vulnerable can breathe new life into your self-healing journey. 
Don't forget that you're a driven, intuitive, expressive, fiery problem solver!  And your Ignitor Self-Healing Strengths  include: 

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Here's how you can use your Ignitor self-healing archetype power to create a self-care plan that's best for you.

Create a fiery and dynamic self-care routine
Your ability to cultivate lasting relationships with others can sometimes cut off your emotional connection. When it comes to choosing a self-care strategy, it helps to create a quick and simple self-care routine ahead of time.
Make it a priority in your and incorporate self-care moments into your daily habits.
Because of your social nature, it's best to have accessible practices you can regularly implement that leave you feeling refreshed enough to engage.

Have an emergency plan
Although you do a great job of motivating and encouraging others, tuning into your emotions might be challenging when you're feeling exhausted. So be prepared by keeping some emergency go-to and simple exercises when you're emotionally spent is crucial. ​

Ask for help, then take time for just you.
Reaching out to others for help might not be your first go-to. But you already do so much for others. It's your turn to focus on your spiritual and emotional needs.
Treat yourself to some self-care, and then you can show up authentically and attentively for all those connections you've cultivated. 
And don't forget to ask for help from the Universe, your higher self, or your own inner guidance through meditation, prayer, breathwork, yoga, or whatever option makes you feel enlivened. 
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Here's How You Can Maximize Your Ignitor Self-Healing Abilities through Breathwork

You recover best through quick and powerful techniques that leave you feeling loved, replenished, and energized.

Your Personalized Self-Healing Breathwork Strategy includes Breathwork exercises like:

Roller Coaster Breath: a tactile breathing technique that helps you calm you and bring you back into a focused state so you can get back to your busy life.

Conscious Connected Breathwork: so you can unplug from your to-do list, connect to your intuition, release emotions on a deeper visceral level and show up feeling invigorated. 

Breath of Joy: to energize you when you're feeling tired

Click on the links above and try the breathing exercises. Then use this worksheet to note which exercises shift your energy back to your driven, intuitive, expressive, fiery problem-solving self.

Imagine what your life would look like if you:

- Were able to release emotions on a deeper level
- Got clear on themes and patterns that might be blocking you
- Released responsibilities that aren't yours to begin with in the first place
- Felt confident in your ability to trust that your vision will become a reality
- Felt validated and were able to process and let go of what's holding you back
- Connected with your soul at a higher level and tuned into a different frequency
If you're saying, "Yes, this resonates! But what do I do next?"
Then the Conscious Breath Connection Course is for you! ​​

The Conscious Breath Connection Course is an amazing tool that can help you take a deeper dive into your self-healing abilities. 
I created this short breathwork course to help YOU use your breath to calm overthinking so you can THRIVE in life, not just survive life!​​