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According to your results, your self-healing breathwork archetype is The Cultivator; 

A nurturing, kind, and caring internal processor. 

Your Cultivator Self-Healing Breathwork Archetype Power

And what it means for you

Considerate, sensitive, adaptable, and kind-hearted; you see the good in people. Intuitive and empathic, you have the gift of anticipating the needs of others. Adaptable and considerate, you go with the flow, especially when the mood is laid back and slow-paced.  Balance and stability are essential to you. You're loyal to the relationships and bonds that you've lovingly and considerately curated.


You're thoughtful and sincere; you love deeply and fully. And interestingly enough, you also highly value your alone time. Every breath in and every breath out is casual and adaptable.

You have the unique ability to apply your adaptable and low-risk outlook to almost any situation. You're open-minded when it comes to others' perspectives.


Your biggest desire is peace. You want your work life, home life, and relationships to be peaceful, laid-back, and enjoyable. Intuitive, reflective, and considerate, your self-healing approach is very nurturing, slow-paced, and soothing.

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Your Cultivator Breathwork Archetype Challenges

And what's most likely draining your energy

Your considerate and adaptable approach to life makes you valuable and dependable. Often this can lead to taking on more obligations or responsibilities than you're comfortable with, which might make you feel depleted and overwhelmed.


Sometimes you tend to overthink and become distracted with your internal processing mid-task; it's not uncommon for you to lose your train of thought or forget. You might often joke about it too.


You want to make sure things are planned out beforehand. You're willing to try new things once you've gathered the facts, details and read the fine print, which can lead to inaction at times.


Your friendly, sincere, and loyal style allows you to build excellent relationships with lasting bonds. And sometimes, your value towards loving, peaceful relationships can blur your boundaries with others. You often prioritize the wants and needs of others above your needs, leaving you feeling unbalanced and exhausted.


You're modest and polite and can appear withdrawn or distant when you're quietly processing your thoughts. Craving harmony, peace, and stability, you're resistant to change. Instability and erratic upheavals can leave you feeling breathless and distant, causing you to freeze or even fawn when uncertainty presents itself.  


​Because of your slow-paced approach and forgetfulness, you sometimes feel like life is moving too fast. You might feel like your problem is solvable if you could find an informative and low-pressure, step-by-step approach. 

Remember that you're a valuable, harmonious, and perceptive person!  And your Cultivator Self-Healing
Strengths include you being:










Here's how you can use your Cultivator self-healing archetype power to create a self-care plan that's best for you.

Create a predictable and simple self-care routine

  • Your unique ability to internally process can sometimes cut off your emotional access when choosing a self-care strategy. So it helps to create a self-care routine ahead of time and make it a priority in your daily habits.

  • Because you're laid back and casual, it's best to have quick and easy-to-remember practices you can regularly implement without feeling pressured. 

Have a back up plan

  • Although you try your best to stick to a routine, tuning into your emotions might be challenging when you're feeling unmotivated (or running late). So be prepared by keeping some simple exercises when you're overwhelmed is crucial. ​

Ask for help, then take time for just you

  • You might feel like you don't want to burden others, so reaching out might not be your first go-to. But getting outside of your head and staying connected is one of the things that might help you gain more insight and information about your emotional and spiritual journey. ​

  • Treat yourself to some self-care, and then you can show up to nurture all those connections you've cultivated. 

  • And don't forget to ask for help from the Universe, your higher self, or your own inner guidance through meditation, prayer, breathwork, yoga, or whatever option makes you feel soothed. 

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Here's How You Can Maximize Your Cultivator Self-Healing Abilities through Breathwork:

You recover best through soothing, quick, and easy techniques that leave you feeling loved, energetic, and nourished.

Imagine what you'd experience or create in your life if you could ...

  • Uncover the courage to follow your desires.

  • Actively live your life and not just be a passive bystander!

  • Heal trauma and shift old patterns so you can finally move forward.

  • Reconnect with your body and get in touch with your inner wisdom.

  • Clear stuck energy and release underlying emotions that are draining you.

  • Connect to your intuition and your soul at a higher level while tuning into a different frequency.

Can breathwork really help you clear your mind, release bottled-up emotions and increase your resiliency? Yes, but don't take my word for it. Here's what clients have to say.  

Dr. Menka Patel:
About Breathwork in Houston, Texas

“I can’t express how much I was able to let go and achieve with a private session. She knew exactly what to say in order for me to fully let go and surrender-which is not easy for me. It was energizing and meditative at the same time- I felt free and grounded all at once after the session. It gave me clarity, inspiration, and direction for the next steps. I recommend it to anyone and everyone!"

If you're nodding your head, saying, "WOW!! These results describe me eerily well! I was nodding along to every single part of the description."

And you're done with:​

  • Bottled-up emotions draining your energy

  • Feeling depleted, overwhelmed, and prioritizing everyone's needs ahead of your own needs

  • Not having a breathwork practice you can do at 2 am in the privacy of your own home

Then the Conscious Breath Connection Course was created for you! ​​

And as a thank you for taking this quiz, use the promo code CULTIVATOR to access the course, normally $147, for only $97!

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