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Soul Shift Membership

A magical, subscription-based newsletter to help you clear your energy, tap into an increased sense of peace, and reconnect with the wisdom of your soul.

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It's time to shift your soul with monthly tarot readings, new moon/full moon oracle spreads, journaling workbooks, and live group breathwork classes delivered to your inbox. 

You've been looking for an accessible way to practice self-care regularly... 


The Soul Shift Membership is what you've been waiting for. It's perfect for you if you want to:

  • Experience an increased sense of peace

  • Feel renewed clarity and focus through journaling

  • Have regular access to tarot readings and breathwork

  • Focus on healing and connecting with your inner wisdom

  • Reconnect with your soul through new moon or full moon oracle spreads

  • Regularly clear stuck energy and release underlying emotions that are draining you

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What's included in the Soul Shift Membership

Exclusive content:

  • Monthly tarot reading videos

  • Monthly Full Moon Oracle Spread and Journaling Workbook

  • Monthly New Moon Oracle Spread and Journaling Workbook

Breathwork classes:

  • Choose from quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly group breathwork classes


  • Get up to 33% OFF private services, group classes, or workshops

  • Yearly subscribers save up to $63 plus get instant access to book group breathwork classes!

PLUS surprise bonus content including:

  • Healing breathwork audios

  • PDFs with self-care exercises designed to help you tap into your self-healing abilities.

  • Support: I’ll be available by email for any questions regarding techniques and implementation.

Does online breathwork really help you release bottled-up emotions?
Here's what clients have to say.  

Lilian Motta:
About the Conscious Breath Connection Course

“Before I met Francisca, I thought that breathwork was such a far reach for me, it felt like a subject that was overwhelming, and I did not know where to start. It felt like there were so many techniques and I needed to know everything to start. Completing the Conscious Breath Course, I learned to take it one step at a time; the modules were comprehensive, easy to digest, and left me feeling equipped with new tools each day. I loved the energy that Francisca radiates through her teachings, making me feel held and equipped to deal with my everyday stressors. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to up their self-care game!"

Group Breathwork class in Houston prices

Release deep emotions in one 2-hour group breathwork class in Houston.


Take your healing into your own hands and breathe out pent-up emotions with 3  group breathwork classes in Houston valued @$165


Take your healing deeper and revive your soul with 15 restorative yoga, new moon, full moon, or breathwork group classes valued at $825 


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Soul Shift Membership Options

Soul Shift 111


Soul Shift 222


Soul Shift 333

Subscribe for exclusive content with:

  • Monthly tarot reading video with an option to submit a tarot reading question

  • Monthly Full Moon Rituals Workbook

  • Monthly New Moon Rituals Workbook

  • 33% OFF any service, class, or workshop

  • Monthly group breathwork classes (total of 12 classes yearly)

Yeah, but does breathwork really work?
(and other FAQs) 

Does breathwork really work? Sounds funny to read that intentionally breathing with your favorite music playing in the background might be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you'll ever have. Conscious Connected Breathing can help you have an intense physiological reaction that allows you to release emotions on a deep level and heal old trauma stuck in your body. You see, around the 8-12 minute mark, you might feel some resistance. And at that moment, it's just you and your breath. Challenging yourself, pushing through that block, and taking one empowering inhale after another helps you build resiliency and trust in yourself like nothing else. You discover that you are both flexible and powerful. You find that you can let go of perfection and control one breath at a time. With each surrendering exhale, you connect to your intuition and spiritual self.  

How many breathwork sessions do you need to heal trauma? If you need to work through grief, loss, trauma, or chronic depression, you might need multiple sessions. While one breathwork session can help you release emotions, you might require more sessions to work through deep-seated emotional baggage. I take you through a twelve-session breathwork process that allows you to get to root issues, address old wounds, and trust yourself to make choices that can help you move forward in your life with confidence no matter what life throws your way. Click here for pricing information about breathwork to help you heal trauma.

How much does an in-person breathwork session cost? Group breathwork classes in Houston can range from $55-$75 per person. Private one-on-one breathwork sessions in Houston can range from $150-$300. Package discounts for multiple breathwork sessions are available. Click here to view all the service prices for breathwork and other healing options.


What is Conscious Connected Breathwork? Conscious Connected Breathwork is an intense and powerful open-mouthed breathing technique where you lay down, inhale into your diaphragm through an open mouth, then inhale again into the chest with an open mouth, and then let out a soft open-mouthed exhale. You breathe during the active phase for about thirty minutes. Then you have a resting period to integrate the physical and emotional release. Old trauma stuck in your body surfaces during Conscious Connected Breathwork. Then emotional energy runs through you, and you can let that shit go and cry it out from a deeper visceral level. This intense breathwork practice can also help you experience more joy, focus, direction, relief, and clarity.

What happens during a one-on-one breathwork session? After an intake and demonstration of the breathwork technique, we'll get you lying down in a comfortable space where you can be undisturbed for 90 minutes. Then I'll guide you through your breathwork session. I'll play a personalized music playlist with some of your favorite songs. You'll have 25-30 minutes of active breathing. During the breathwork, I'll guide you with personalized affirmations. You'll let out a few yells or vocalizations when I cue you to release some energy. Then you'll have 15-20 minutes of resting time. You'll also have about 15-20 minutes of processing time before and after. A few days after your session, I'll check in with you by email. You'll also receive a personalized report from your breathwork with post-breathwork reflection questions. Most people have an emotional release, while others have spiritual downloads. Some have positive remembrances of those who are no longer living. Everyone's experience is unique.

Is breathwork safe? Breathwork is an umbrella term for any intentional breathing practice. Conscious Connected Breathwork is an intense breathing practice. History of cardiovascular disease, severe unsupported mental illness, seizure disorders, aneurysms, and high-risk pregnancy are contraindications to this type of breathwork. Seeking medical or professional advice before any intense practice is advisable if you have any of these contraindications.


What is tetany? Tetany is cramping in your extremities (hands, feet, shoulders) that can happen during Conscious Connected Breathwork, mostly because we are offloading more carbon dioxide than normal. If you experience tetany, even though it might hurt or feel scary, please know that it is not uncommon, and it will pass. You are safe, and it is only temporary. The amazing thing about breathwork is that you have autonomy over your breathing. You can choose to slow down the breath until the tetany passes or breathe through the discomfort. There is no right or wrong choice here. It's your body and your experience.


Can you do breathwork alone? Of course, you can do breathwork alone; all you have to do is remember the breathwork pattern, find a comfortable space, and set a timer. However, if you prefer guidance in your breathwork practice, then the Conscious Breath Connection Course was created for you. The modules are convenient, iPhone-friendly, comprehensive, easy to digest, and will leave you feeling equipped with new tools each day. It's like I'm there with you, guiding you throughout the course. 

How do I access the course after purchasing it? Follow the email instructions for access to your breathwork course directly after purchasing.


How long will it take to finish this course?  I designed this as an actionable week-long course for you! It's a seven-day course with each of the daily videos under twenty minutes leading up to the full session, which is 45 minutes. However, you can certainly treat this as a day-long immersion experience. Everyone has their own comfort level with taking in knowledge, so listen to your heart and take seven hours, seven days, or even seven weeks to complete the course. 


Will I get access to the breathwork instructor? Of course! I know how important it is to have support and guidance, so I’ll be available within the first two weeks of purchasing the course by email at for any questions you have regarding techniques and implementation. Plus, if you choose to add a personalized live breathwork session, I’ll walk you through the whole breathwork process with a personalized breathwork playlist curated just for you! ​​What is Conscious Connected Breathwork? Conscious Connected Breathing is a powerful, active three-part breathing practice that consists of a large inhale into the diaphragm; another inhale into the chest, and a soft exhale. You do this circular breathing technique with an open mouth while lying down. This amazing practice has helped people experience more joy, less stress, reduced tension, increased focus, relief, clarity, and connection to their intuition.


Can I purchase this for a group of people? Yup! To discuss group rates, send an email to


What if I want a refund? Please be sure you're 100% certain that you want to purchase this course because refunds will not be processed. ​


Can I get a discount? There are many free breathwork resources available both online and in person. Breathwork is something everyone should have access to. If you need financial assistance, please contact me directly so we can find a good fit for you.


Can I buy a breathwork session individually? Yes, individual 90-minute breathwork sessions are available for $150 each. Click here to book. Buying a one-off session means you won't have access to the course. However, if you buy the course, you can add on a session for $75 instead of the normal rate of $150. Or you can bundle the course and save up to $200. 

Learn to guide yourself through breathwork at home.

You get lifetime access to the comprehensive, easy-to-digest, convenient course, plus the option to add on a private personalized breathwork session for $75 -normally $150 (total value $222).


But most importantly, you'll learn to guide yourself through breathwork and release bottled-up emotions secretly draining your energy that’ll help you feel equipped to deal with your everyday stressors, connect with your soul at a higher level and tune into a different frequency so you can feel like yourself again! (total value priceless).

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